One of the many reasons companies have for choosing cloud is to free up their IT teams. Because the cloud provider handles many routine operations and support functions, your own IT team can concentrate on performing functions that add business value.

You can choose any of the major cloud providers and achieve that benefit. What’s unique when you opt for Oracle Cloud is that you don’t just free up data center operations staff. You also reduce the routine work your database administrators (DBAs) need to perform, allowing them to focus on leveraging your data to support business processes and digital transformation.

A Smart, Self-Supporting Database

You know that cloud enables self-service. Any user can easily obtain database services on demand in any cloud. What Oracle Cloud offers that the others don’t is a high-performing, self-supporting data environment that includes:

Autonomous Data Warehouse. Access top performance supplemented by automation that handles routine database management, monitoring, and performance tuning functions.

Autonomous Transaction Processing. Handle critical workloads in a database optimized to process transactions, again supported by automation.

High-speed Data Transfer and Data Integrator Cloud Service. Large-scale databases migrate to the cloud easily and fast with the Data Transfer service, while Data Integrator allows data transformations to execute in place without copying data to other locations.

High-level of Database Security. The many-layered, defense-in-depth approach to security is built in to Oracle Cloud.

Analytics Cloud, Data Science, and Big Data Cloud Service. Build models and discover data insights supported by automated lifecycles.

Through the autonomous database, you achieve the highest possible uptime, performance, and security. The database is able to automatically scale to meet demand, apply patches with minimal downtime, and use machine learning methods to tune the database and identify security threats.

DBAs Freed from Routine

The automation of these services means that DBAs don’t need to invest significant time in provisioning databases, implementing backups, managing users and security, tuning performance, applying updates, and responding to unplanned downtime. Routine tasks are handled automatically and efficiently, without errors.

As a result, your DBAs can focus on the tasks that require human insight, such as developing applications, building a warehouse, and integrating your database into your workloads. Because they aren’t overloaded with routine support for multiple databases, they have they energy to apply their creativity and skills to solving problems and adding business value.

VAST IT Services provides support that helps businesses leverage Oracle Cloud, using it to streamline their business and database processes and grow their business. Contact us to learn how the autonomous Oracle Cloud can empower your business to work with your data more efficiently and more effectively.