Installing the latest application releases is important for keeping up with security fixes and new features. This is especially true for fundamental services like backups, particularly as digital transformation increases your business’s reliance on its data and hybrid IT architectures scatter your data through multiple environments.

The latest version of Veritas NetBackup, 8.1.1, includes features that unify data protection across the cloud and your premises, integrating with the technology you use to manage your infrastructure. These are the key features that mean you should invest your time and resources in upgrading now:

  • Cloud integration. Cloud is a critical component of business infrastructure, and NetBackup 8.1.1 has several features that simplify backing up to both public and private clouds. NetBackup CloudCatalyst offers deduplication improves the performance of backing up to the cloud and reduces the cost of storing data in the cloud. In addition, NetBackup provides support for backups with cloud tiering including backups to Amazon Glacier for cost-effective long-term retention.
  • Big data support. As businesses collect more data to support business functions, the tools they use to manage it have changed. NetBackup 8.1.1 includes plugins to simplify backups in Hadoop and Nutanix. Backups scale with predictable performance as your data scales.
  • Access to data. Instant recovery lets you recover Oracle data in a single step. In addition, NetBackup provides backup and recovery for open source databases like MySQL and PostgresSQL through APIs, along with commercial databases including DB2 and Informix.
  • Top performance. NetBackup is designed to ensure high performance whichever product you use. NetBackup Accelerator makes backups as much as 100 times faster for Isilon filers; the fine-grained controls of Selective VMDK Backup and Recovery offer efficient management for VMware.
  • APIs enabling automation. NetBackup 8.1.1 includes new RESTful APIs to offer a service-based interface for configuring and administering NetBackup. The release includes the NetBackup Authentication API, the NetBackup Administration API, the NetBackup Catalog API, the NetBackup Configuration API, the NetBackup Recovery API, and the NetBackup Security API.

With those new features, you’ll benefit from planning your NetBackup upgrade now. Whichever version you’re currently running, you’ll need to do an NBDB database rebuild and MSDP rolling conversion. If you have questions or concerns about the upgrade process, contact dcVAST. We are a solution provider for all Veritas products and our experience performing upgrades ensures the process will run smoothly. For even more assurance that your vital backup procedures are effective, consider our managed backup service that optimizes and monitors NetBackup and offers 24×7 response when you need support.