When it comes time to refresh and modernize your data center infrastructure, it’s time to consider hyperconverged infrastructure. No longer just the choice for limited purposes like virtual desktop infrastructure and remote office/branch office support, hyperconverged infrastructure today is the choice for private cloud and web scale deployments.

Hyperconverged infrastructure applies virtualization across compute, storage, and network functions. As a result, hyperconverged infrastructure is cost effective while improving efficiency. Processes and tools converge along with the infrastructure, making support and management simpler as well.

Meeting the Goals of Data Center Modernization

The goals of data center modernization typically include increasing efficiency, scalability, and improving data protection. Hyperconverged infrastructure is well suited for meeting those goals.

Increased Efficiency

The all-in-one nature of hyperconverged infrastructure makes the support process much more efficient. There’s no more need for separate storage, networking, and compute support teams; a single team can support the entire system. There’s also no more finger pointing when it comes to identifying responsibility or determining which vendor to call; the single vendor provides the full range of support needed. This means that support issues can be resolved much more expeditiously.

Hyperconverged infrastructure also supports automation and self-service requests, making it efficient to bring up new virtual machines to support new projects.

Increased Scalability

Hyperconverged infrastructure is designed to be scalable to the max, not just scalable by default; it easily allows the addition of compute and storage resources on demand. The upper limit of hyperconverged infrastructure provides the ability to achieve web-scale numbers of nodes. The scalability isn’t just easy, it’s cheap, too, with standardized components available at modest cost.

Increased Data Protection

Hyperconverged infrastructure comes with built-in replication between nodes and automated failover capabilities, providing high availability without additional effort. Additionally, hyperconverged infrastructure often includes built-in backup software, providing additional data protection through supporting backup to the cloud or other destinations. The integrated systems also improve data protection through simplifying patch management.

Increased Simplicity

Today’s rapidly changing technology means data centers contain a complex mix of technology. Hyperconverged infrastructure provides a single-source, complete solution to IT needs that brings much-needed simplicity to the data center.

Are you embarking on a data center modernization project with the goals of reducing complexity, increasing scalability, and improving efficiency? Have you considered hyperconverged infrastructure as a solution? dcVAST provides managed Nutanix services, turning hyperconverged infrastructure into a comprehensive solution to data center problems. Contact us to learn more about using Nutanix and hyperconverged infrastructure to transform your data center.