Multicloud lets you position your workloads and data in the cloud that’s best for them, but having data scattered makes it difficult to track and manage. With data in so many different places, how can you ensure you’ve got good copies that meet compliance standards and will let you recover from accidental deletions and deliberate ransomware threats?

Using different tools to manage backup and recovery in each multicloud environment gives you a piecemeal solution that adds additional complexity and additional cost, too. That’s why using a tool like CloudPoint that integrates with your existing NetBackup infrastructure is a great value.

Build-Your-Own is Built to Fail

Every environment is unique, so managing backup and recovery needs to be tailored to every environment. Adding different products for every environment gets expensive, with additional software costs plus additional costs to train and retain staff skilled in every product.

Trying to pull all those separate pieces together with a set of custom-built scripts isn’t a robust enough solution. It’s not possible for your team to keep those scripts current with updates in each cloud, or in the data center. If the experts who wrote the scripts leave your business, you often lose the ability to confidently make changes to the legacy scripts. Scripts that are good enough when things go well often are fragile once errors occur.

CloudPoint Spans MultiCloud with a Reliable Solution

The better way to ensure a reliable backup and recovery process while keeping multicloud costs under control is to leverage your investment in NetBackup and data center storage with CloudPoint. CloudPoint works with NetBackup to provide a single interface for creating and managing snapshots of both local and cloud-based data.

Unlike home-grown solutions that need to be coded by hand to handle every data deployment, CloudPoint can discover and create application-consistent snapshots for data in the cloud and data stored locally. Once CloudPoint creates the snapshot, NetBackup catalogs it, making it available to be replicated, restored, or deleted as needed. Support for replication between cloud regions makes it easy to integrate CloudPoint into a comprehensive disaster recovery strategy.

 There’s also a single place to scheduling snapshot creation, making it easier to track and ensure the right data protection plan is in place. Because one tool can be used across environments, there’s less training required and less chance of problems being missed.

Switching to cloud doesn’t eliminate your data center, and that means you can manage cloud costs by leveraging your existing data center tools. No matter how complex your multicloud environment, CloudPoint lets you keep control of your data through the familiar NetBackup interface. Learn more about using NetBackup and CloudPoint to protect all your data by contacting VAST IT Services.