Data is an organization’s most valuable resource. Managing it securely and efficiently is essential for companies that want to extract the maximum value from their information assets. Companies put themselves at a competitive disadvantage by providing inferior care to their enterprise data. Data loss or misuse can damage a company and, in some cases, put it out of business. The average cost of a data breach in the United States in 2022 is $9.44 million.

Visibility into data resources is essential to managing them effectively. Without an understanding of where sensitive and high-value data resides, it is impossible to develop plans and procedures to protect it. Not all data needs to be given the same degree of protection and security. Treating all data the same will put valuable information at risk and result in excessive costs to protect low-value resources.

The rise of multi-cloud environments has complicated the process of ensuring effective management and control over data resources. Organizations often have sensitive and valuable data residing in multiple cloud infrastructures. It can be challenging and complicated to navigate the offerings of a variety of cloud service providers (CSPs) to manage data resources effectively. But it’s a necessary part of running a business in today’s data-driven business landscape.

Why Data Needs to be Controlled and Managed

Organizations need to control and manage their data for multiple reasons. Failure to perform these activities efficiently can result in damage to a company’s bottom line and reputation. Let’s take a quick look at what kinds of problems can arise from ineffective data management.

Data loss or unavailability

Without accurate data visibility and management, it can be impossible for companies to make important data available when it is needed. This can hinder a company’s ability to make tactical or strategic business decisions and affect its competitiveness in the market. Organizations need to know where data resources are at all times so they can afford them the protection they warrant.

Data loss or mismanagement can cause internal productivity issues as well as problems dealing with external entities such as customers and competitors. Efficient data management is the key to success in today’s data-driven business environment.

Compliance issues

The rise of ecommerce has increased the need for companies to be aware of compliance issues related to data privacy and security. Virtually every company with an online presence stores sensitive data about its customers. In some cases, such as with credit card numbers or protected health information (PHI), strict compliance is required concerning how data is handled and protected. Failure to comply can result in expensive financial repercussions and a degraded public perception of the organization. Losing public trust is often a more long-term problem than the monetary cost of non-compliance.


Protecting valuable information from the multiple threats of cybercriminals cannot be done without viable management and control of data resources. Organizations need to know where sensitive data resides so it can be properly encrypted and protected when used or transmitted. Automated tools are necessary to address the flood of information companies ingest daily.

What is Veritas Alta?

VAST IT Services offers a wide range of services designed to help companies protect their data and optimize their IT environments. VAST has multiple strategic partners whose products are used to address their customers’ business requirements. One of VAST’s partners is Veritas who has recently introduced a comprehensive cloud data management platform.

Veritas Alta is a cloud data management platform that helps enterprises transition mission-critical workloads to the cloud. It uses the power of the cloud to reduce the cost of keeping data protected, available, and compliant with regulatory standards. A complementary product, Veritas Alta View, is a cloud-based management console that provides control and visibility into a company’s entire data estate from a single pane of glass.

Veritas Alta helps address the need of cloud customers to provide for the availability, protection, security, and compliance of data resources. It goes beyond the basic functionality and tools offered by a CSP and furnishes the enterprise-grade functionality required to support mission-critical applications. This includes cross-cloud data mobility, visibility, and optimized cost management. Alta lets customers control and manage their data no matter where it resides.

Alta focuses on three key areas that are essential to data-driven companies.

  • Data protection and ransomware resiliency are powered by Veritas’ cloud-native architecture called Cloud Scale Technology. The platform employs a combination of automation, artificial intelligence, and an elastic architecture to deliver cost-effective, secure, and autonomous data protection. In combination with Alta View, organizations have a consolidated view from which they can control data on and off premises.
  • Application resiliency for enhanced availability. Customers can achieve up to five nines availability and Alta provides application portability across clouds. Organizations can minimize storage requirements by up to 50% and enjoy performance gains of up to 200%.
  • Data compliance through visibility and risk remediation. The tool offers compliance as a service and enables data to be captured from all communication channels. Companies can reduce operational complexity, automate content classification, and discover where sensitive data resides.

Alta consolidates Veritas’ technological solutions into a comprehensive platform that promotes fine-grained control and management of enterprise data.

Put VAST’s Experience to Work for Your Company

VAST’s partnership with Veritas enables them to help your company implement Veritas Alta and enjoy the many benefits that the platform provides. Alta offers enterprises multi-layered security built on a zero-trust foundation. Security elements include:

  • System hardening;
  • Malware scanning;
  • AI-based anomaly detection;
  • Immutable backups;
  • Automated and intelligent recovery.

Application performance, availability, and resiliency are optimized by:

  • Enabling high availability in multi-cloud environments;
  • Delivering agility to respond to evolving business needs;
  • Facilitating the movement of applications across cloud and on-premises environments.

Let VAST help your organization decide the more effective way to implement Veritas Alta and start managing your data more optimally. VAST’s knowledge of Veritas functionality will give your business a distinct advantage that lets you get the most from the solution. Contact VAST today to talk about Veritas Alta and their other IT services that can help optimize your computing environment.