In today’s competitive business world, a company’s data is often its most valuable asset. Access to the information an organization collects, processes, and stores is necessary for maintaining operations and serving customers. The loss or corruption of this important resource can have severe ramifications and in some cases cause a business to fail.

Maintaining data security is one of the most pressing issues facing IT decision-makers. Keeping a company’s information safe is no trivial matter when pitted against the ever-increasing sophistication of threat actors intent on compromising systems and data resources. Unfortunately, one malicious exploit can result in devastating consequences for the victimized company.

No single solution exists to ensure data security. Organizations need to take a comprehensive approach to keep their data safe from cyber threats. Failure to adopt this mindset regarding data protection presents serious risks to your business and its customers.

At VAST IT Services, we understand the importance of keeping your data safe. We offer a wide range of services designed to protect your valuable information tailored to businesses of any size. Let’s look at some of our most effective data protection and cybersecurity offerings.

Security Lifecycle Review

Gaps in your cybersecurity defenses can put your business at risk. It can be challenging for a company to effectively perform a self-assessment to determine where vulnerabilities may exist. Organizations can fall victim to a false sense of security and believe they have everything in place to protect their IT environment and its data.

VAST’s team of experts leverages the functionality of the Palo Alto Security Life Cycle Review to gain a deep understanding of your security posture. We study logs from all systems to achieve visibility into your network and identify potential security risks. This knowledge allows us to help you develop an effective strategy to protect your systems and data by eliminating vulnerabilities.

Managed Backups

Backups are an essential component of a comprehensive plan to keep your data safe. Traditionally, backups were performed using a dedicated, on-premises backup infrastructure. This can be an expensive and difficult-to-manage solution that strains the resources of small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). These challenges are exacerbated by the multi-cloud and hybrid IT environments being implemented by many modern organizations.

We offer our customers a fully managed cloud backup-as-a-service (CBaaS) solution that simplifies the process of implementing effective backups to protect data resources. Our solution provides customers with the following benefits.

  • Fully managed backups align with your business strategy to protect the organization’s most important data.
  • The solution is powered by Druva’s cutting-edge backup and data protection technology.
  • Immutable backups protect sensitive data from being compromised and address regulatory requirements.
  • Customers save money by eliminating the need to build and maintain a backup infrastructure.

On-Premises and Cloud Backup, Recovery, and Data Protection Support

We have forged strategic partnerships with many industry-leading backup solution vendors. Our team has the expertise required to identify the right backup platform for your business and can help implement, maintain, and manage the solution. We can also help you optimize your current backup infrastructure to eliminate waste and ensure that all data resources are backed up and available for recovery when necessary.

Our partners include the following companies that offer a diverse portfolio of modern and advanced backup and recovery solutions.


The Cohesity Data Cloud is a unified data protection platform that secures and manages your value information wherever it is located. It provides an excellent solution for organizations operating with a multi-cloud infrastructure or a mobile workforce. Features of Cohesity’s data protection platform include:

  • The creation of immutable backups;
  • Simplified recovery at scale;
  • Intelligent threat detection to protect data assets;
  • Advanced insights into data resources through efficient search, classification, and analytics.


Druva’s advanced backup and recovery technology forms the foundation of VAST’s CBaaS offering. Druva and VAST provide these four focused backup solutions to address your unique computing environment:

  • Microsoft 365 and other SaaS products;
  • Public cloud including multi-cloud environments;
  • Hybrid and on-premises environments;
  • Enterprise endpoints to address the data protection needs of a mobile workforce.


The Veeam Data Platform provides customers with the immutability, cyber resiliency, and hybrid-cloud optimization needed to fully protect their data. Features of the solution include:

  • Fast response to ransomware attacks by identifying, alerting, and restoring using clean data;
  • Immutable backups for AWS and Microsoft Azure workloads;
  • Direct-to-object storage backups to take full advantage of the unlimited scalability of on-premises and cloud object storage without sacrificing performance.


Veritas has been a trusted name in data protection and a VAST partner for decades. VAST supports a wide range of Veritas data protection and backup solutions built around the Veritas Alta Cloud Platform. Features of the platform include:

  • Data protection, backup, and recovery;
  • A recovery vault based on cloud storage;
  • Protection for SaaS environments;
  • Backup Exec for simple backup and recovery protection.

Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

Disaster recovery and business continuity are two of the reasons backups are so important. Backups in and of themselves are not worth much. Their true value is demonstrated when they are used to recover after a natural or manmade disaster. Without an effective disaster recovery and business continuity strategy, companies risk losing their business due to extended outages.

VAST offers a disaster recovery-as-a-service (DRaaS) solution that leverages the power and flexibility of AWS Elastic Data Recovery. Customers opting for this solution will find a streamlined method of implementing disaster recovery and protecting their IT resources. VAST’s experts will work with you to define business continuity requirements and help implement the technology necessary to protect your business in the face of cyber threats.

Visibility Into the IT Environment with VAST View

Visibility into the IT environment is an often overlooked factor when discussing security. This is a mistake, as gaining visibility into systems and data resources is essential when trying to protect them from cyber threats. Achieving the necessary level of visibility can be very challenging in today’s multi-cloud environments.

VAST View offers customers a unified platform from which to gain visibility and manage their on-premises, hybrid, and multi-cloud environments. With VAST View, you will gain the understanding of your IT infrastructure necessary to manage and protect it efficiently.

VAST has your back when it comes to keeping your data safe from cyber threats. Whether it’s assessing and strengthening your cybersecurity defenses or ensuring your data is effectively backed up and available for recovery, we have a solution that fits your business objectives. Get in touch with us today and start giving your valuable data the protection it and your business needs.