Cloud isn’t just about saving money. Cloud also enables your development teams to create more innovative applications and deliver them faster. But faster isn’t better if it means cutting corners on quality. One of the big advantages of developing in Google Cloud Platform is that, rather than taking shortcuts to deliver faster, developers get to use tools that help them work faster while increasing the quality of the applications.

Google Cloud Platform Enhances Quality Throughout the Development Lifecycle

Google Cloud Platform (GCP) provides tools to ensure quality through the coding, testing, and deployment phases of application development.

Code Quality

The more developers can rely on pre-tested tools, libraries, and APIs, the less time they need to spend writing their own code and the fewer code errors they can introduce. Google’s product offerings help developers leverage AI, analytics, internet of things, gaming, and security services, among others, without having to reinvent them from scratch. Choose to develop a serverless application, allowing developers to focus entirely on functionality rather than needing to manage an environment.

Test Quality

Continuous integration tools mean builds happen automatically and tests can automatically be run. There are no big surprises when QA checks out the release, because the release has been verified every night prior to handing it over to the test team. If you’re building a mobile app, the Firebase Test Lab provides a complete environment allowing code to be tested across a multitude of devices.

Deployment Quality

The tools that enable DevOps to do deployments frequently and quickly also ensure that those deployments don’t fail. Infrastructure as code products ensure the necessary configurations are installed along with application packages on every affected server. You can set up continuous delivery pipelines to make sure valid application builds are always ready for release.

Most of the time,  you have to pay more money to get higher quality. With cloud-based infrastructure, that isn’t the case. Your development team gets the tools they need to speed their development while increasing the quality of the product they deliver, all with the cost-advantage of cloud infrastructure.

Vast IT Services provides complete support for Google Cloud Platform. We’ll design an environment to fit your existing workloads and support your migration to the new platform, as well as help your developers leverage cloud for your new development projects. Contact VAST IT Services to learn more about how Google Cloud Platform can help your developers improve the quality of your applications and let you leverage IT technology more effectively.