Hyperconverged infrastructure brings servers and storage together into a single integrated appliance, simplifying monitoring and management. Along with the push to cloud, hyperconverged infrastructure supports the ability to make rapid changes to servers and workloads and scale dynamically as business needs change.

Networks are also a critical component of the data center and to be truly responsive, IT teams need the ability to manage their networks as flexibly as they manage the other components. Hyperconverged infrastructure from Nutanix offers features that integrate network management into the hyperconverged system, providing a fully unified approach to managing the data center.

Policy-Driven Networking

Rather than requiring changes to be manually configured across network, Nutanix and its Prism management software and APIs allow network configurations to be defined in policies that are applied across devices, including firewalls, application delivery controllers, and switches. As a result, making network updates is automated and easily scales with the infrastructure.

Virtual Machine View of Network

Prism integrates the view of the network with the view of virtual machines, making it easy to associate applications with their connection to physical and virtual networks. Views show all nodes and enable drilling down to switch ports and VLANs. Seeing these relationships at a glance makes troubleshooting and responding to network issues affecting applications much more straightforward.

Network Microsegmentation

Microsegmentation in Nutanix monitors data flows between workloads and enables policies to be applied to workloads and applications. Nutanix supports application-specific policies for managing communications between VMs. If you understand the traffic flow in your data center, microsegmentation allows you to isolate data if a threat arises.

Security Service Management

Security services can be defined through policies, making certain that the correct security services are applied to applications. Rather than an add-on, security and networking are integrated to simplify management and ensure the required protection is enabled.

The net effect of these network management tools is that you see and manage your network in the context of the way your applications use it. Not only is managing it easier, it’s no longer separated from management of the servers and storage the applications use, too. With these features, not only is your infrastructure hyperconverged, it’s fully converged, and you’ll see the benefits in streamlined operations that take less time, free your team from manual procedures, and results in fewer errors and consistent network configurations that let your virtual machines and applications just work better.

With its experience supporting Nutanix, dcVAST helps businesses make full, effective use of their hyperconverged infrastructure. Our team can architect, deploy, and manage all the elements of your data center infrastructure to ensure smooth operations. Contact us to learn how you can improve your network management with hyperconverged infrastructure from Nutanix.

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