There are so many good reasons to want to use cloud. High availability, self-service provisioning, usage-based payments, reduced data center costs, and reduced support costs are just some of the well-known benefits. These days, even the security concerns associated with public cloud are greatly reduced. But despite that, there are good reasons companies don’t want to move their entire computing infrastructure into the cloud and to depend on a vendor to provide the levels of data protection and computing performance they require.

For those companies, creating a private or hybrid cloud infrastructure is an alternative—but it’s a challenging one. Virtual machines offer some of the benefits of clouds, but VMs by themselves aren’t the same thing as a cloud. They may not be as scalable; they may not offer easy management and self-provisioning; they may even create performance challenges due to non-local storage.

Turning a group of VMs into a private cloud takes additional work. Using Nutanix can help companies simplify that work and achieve the benefits of having a cloud within their own data center.

Cloud Benefits on Local Servers

Nutanix provides a hyperconverged solution, bringing storage and your compute capability back together, improving performance through the use of local flash storage, using replicated data to provide high availability and recoverability, and adding self-provisioning and management tools that make your environment easy to scale. Both capital and operating expenses are greatly reduced.

The benefits derive from Nutanix’s architecture, which adds a Nutanix controller VM to each of your cluster nodes. The controller VM takes ownership of all I/O operations, managing the use of local storage and a distributed file system to achieve both high performance and redundancy. Nutanix doesn’t impose restrictions on your VMs; you can have some that run on vSphere and some on KVM, and you can even incorporate public cloud storage through the use of APIs.

With provisioning tools that integrate with your existing management tools, Nutanix provides insight into cluster activity and helps resolve problems easily. Nutanix also offers support for self-service provisioning, letting users quickly spin up development or test environments

Manage Your Nutanix Hybrid Solution

dcVast helps companies achieve their transition to cloud within their own data center through our managed Nutanix services. Starting with an evaluation of your existing infrastructure, we’ll work with you to plan and execute the transition to a Nutanix hyperconverged architecture.

Our engineers bring Nutanix certification and real-world experience to constructing your Nutanix hybrid cloud environment. Our 24×7 support services ensure smooth operations once Nutanix is live, and ongoing support combined with Nutanix’s scalability means that growing your infrastructure to meet your company’s changing needs is transparent to your business. Whether you take over daily operations once Nutanix is deployed or rely on us for ongoing management services, the ease of Nutanix means that your team will be able to focus their time on strategic needs. Contact us to learn how Nutanix and dcVast can bring the benefits of the cloud into your data center.