We talked in Part 1 about how the features in Veritas Enterprise Vault offer more comprehensive and flexible eDiscovery and data protection features than are available in Microsoft Office 365. Here we take a look at the three ways to use Enterprise Vault together with Office 365 in order to access those features.

1. SMTP Archiving for Office 365

Use Enterprise Vault to archive your journal stream, with a copy of every email sent or received from Office 365. Enterprise Vault achieves journaling with a simple architecture, no need for MAPI or managing large journal mailboxes. Use the same tool to archive data from any source that can sent to an SMTP server, including email from other sources like Google Mail and data from faxes, scanners, and printers. Reduce the amount of storage dedicated to journaling by including only emails belonging to sensitive positions.

With a local journal, you aren’t dependent on Microsoft for access to your data. You can use on-premise eDiscovery tools that are faster than the Office 365 tools. Enterprise Vault is able to index metadata including BCC addresses and distribution list membership, and also turns images into searchable text with optical character recognition. Plus, journaling can be combined with the Veritas Information Classifier Engine, giving you even more improved searching and compliance capability. Built-in rules help identify potential compliance issues.

2. IMAP Access and Internet Mail Archives for Office 365

Internet Mail archives support – archiving from various mail providers, including cloud-based Office 365. This archive approach lets users access archived mail in Enterprise Vault even when their mailbox is in the cloud. Along with EV Search, access is supported through any IMAP client, making remote access via smartphones and tables possible. Users can access their archive as if it were a mailbox.

3. PST Migrations for Office 365

PST files can be stored in Enterprise Vault without needing an Exchange mailbox. The PSTs can be automatically discovered on devices and shared filesystems, then imported directly into an archive. Enterprise Vault’s search capability is then able to access those files. With this approach, even emails that were in personal storage are subjected to the appropriate compliance controls and management policies.

dcVAST provides support for the full suite of Veritas products, including Enterprise Vault. With our team’s expert knowledge, you can integrate Veritas Enterprise Vault with Office 365 and gain control over your emails whether they are stored locally or in the cloud. Contact us to learn more about the best ways to protect your Office 365 emails with Veritas Enterprise Vault.