“Just Do It” doesn’t apply to cloud. Cloud comes with a lot of benefits, as well as a lot of challenges, starting with how you migrate to cloud. Taking a systematic approach, crafting detailed plans based on a comprehensive strategy, and leveraging tools like VAST View is the best way to ensure your cloud project succeeds.

Discovery & Assessment

Start by understanding your existing infrastructure and workloads to determine how they map to cloud. VAST View helps you build your application inventory, understand your performance requirements, and select the cloud model (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS) that’s the best fit for your needs, considering both technical and financial concerns.


Once you understand how your information technology assets and your IT needs match up to cloud’s capabilities, you can start developing a comprehensive roadmap for your cloud adoption. Use VAST View to determine whether your target should be a public cloud, private cloud, or hybrid solution, and make sure your selected environment can meet critical capacity and compliance requirements.

Cloud Migration

No matter how it sounds, lift and shift isn’t always quick and simple. Migrating to cloud always requires careful planning. Automation tools reduce the risk of failure. VAST View uses proprietary smart-replication technology to minimize the downtime. An approval workflow and target environment validation ensure the process runs smoothly and is verified before cutover.

Optimization & Management

Cloud reduces the effort you need to manage your IT infrastructure but doesn’t eliminate it. Optimization in the cloud is a dynamic, ongoing process. Resources can be adjusted to meet needs in near real-time, with immediate financial impact. VAST View provides a cloud health check to keep you aware of your system status. Cost and usage analysis, along with reservation and unused infrastructure management, help you ensure cost-effective cloud spending.

Governance, Policy & Security

Keeping your IT resources safe is one of the most important IT responsibilities. It’s an even bigger consideration in the cloud, with shared resources and third-party control. With VAST View, you can carefully plan your rules, make sure your policies are deployed across your clouds and get real-time alerting in case of suspicious activity.

Orchestration & Automation

Use automation and orchestration to streamline your cloud monitoring and maintenance. VAST View tracks key performance indicators to enable continuous optimization. Automated remediation ensures fixes are applied across all resources.

VAST View Services

Whether you use cloud to supplement on premises technology or to replace it, integrating cloud into your IT is a major undertaking. VAST IT Services and VAST View provide the expertise, insights, support, and tools needed to create cloud plans and execute them successfully. Contact us to learn more about making plans that make your cloud work.