Amazon Lightsail is by far the easiest way to get started on AWS. It allows you to get your application running on your own virtual server in a matter of minutes. AWS has now added the capability of deploying container-based workloads on Amazon Lightsail. Container images can now be deployed to the cloud with the same simplicity and bundled pricing Amazon Lightsail provides for your virtual servers.

Amazon Lightsail is an easy-to-use cloud service that offers you everything needed to deploy an application or website, for a cost effective and easy-to-understand monthly plan. It is ideal to deploy simple workloads, websites, or to get started with AWS. The typical Lightsail customers range from developers to small businesses or startups who are looking to get quickly started in the cloud and AWS. At any time, you can later adopt the broad AWS Services when you are getting more familiar with the AWS cloud.

Lightsail is powered by EC2, AWS RDS, Application Load Balancer, and other AWS services. Up until now Lightsail customers could choose between six OS versions, seven applications, and seven stacks. Now Lightsail offers developers a simple way to deploy their Docker containers to the cloud. All that is needed is a Docker image and Lightsail will automatically containerize it for you. Amazon Lightsail gives you an HTTPS endpoint that is ready to serve your application running in the cloud container. It automatically sets up a load balanced TLS endpoint, and takes care of the TLS certificate. It replaces unresponsive containers for you automatically, it assigns a DNS name to your endpoint, it maintains the old version till the new version is healthy and ready to go live, and more.