AWS has acquired Wickr, an innovative company that has developed the industry’s most secure, end-to-end encrypted, communication technology. With Wickr, customers and partners benefit from advanced security features not available with traditional communications services – across messaging, voice and video calling, file sharing, and collaboration. This gives security conscious enterprises and government agencies the ability to implement important governance and security controls to help them meet their compliance requirements.

Today, public sector customers use Wickr for a diverse range of reasons, from securely communicating with office-based employees to providing service members at the tactical edge with encrypted communications. Enterprise customers use Wickr to keep communications between employees and business partners private, while remaining compliant with regulatory requirements.

The need for this type of secure communications is accelerating. With the move to hybrid work environment enterprises and government agencies have a growing desire to protect their communications across many remote locations. Wickr’s secure communications solutions help enterprises and government organizations adapt to this change in their workforces. The company has recently made a big push into the enterprise because of the mass shift to online communications. In February, this year Wickr launched ‘Global Federation’, a feature that enables enterprise and government entities to securely communicate using end-to-end encryption with mission-critical partners outside of their network.

Wickr, which was founded in 2011 and is based in San Francisco, describes itself as the “most secure” video conferencing and collaboration platform. Unlike other collaboration tools, which encrypt messages as they travel from a user’s device to a company’s servers but store those communications in an unencrypted state, Wickr uses end-to-end encryption which means that only people on either end of a conversation can decrypt and read messages.

Wickr also offers users an ephemeral messaging feature, which allows users to set self-destruction timers for as short as a few seconds.