One of the most important data protection regulations companies need to comply with will take effect in May 2018. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) means all companies that collect data on European Union residents need to take a close look at the data they collect and how they’re using it. The new regulatory scheme means the data can only be used for the agreed purpose; data must be deleted when no longer needed; EU citizens can request to review, correct, and delete their data; and data breaches need to be rapidly reported.

Companies that fail to meet the GDPR requirements are potentially subject to large fines, so it’s important to be proactive in taking steps to come into compliance. Using the right tools makes GDPR compliance much more achievable. Here is a look at some products from Veritas that can help you satisfy the demands of GDPR.

Data Insight

Before you can protect data, you need to know what data you’re collecting and how it’s being used. This is especially challenging when unstructured personal data is hidden in email archives and other informal data stores. Data Insight helps you understand your unstructured data and apply metadata to categorize it.

In addition to helping you understand your data, Data Insight can help you manage and protect it. You can integrate actions into Data Insight to move and delete data. Through analyzing access patterns, Data Insight supports security processes and identifying unauthorized access to data.

Information Map

Another Veritas tool for gaining insight into your data is Information Map. Information Map provides a graphical interface for visualizing your unstructured data. It uses metadata collected during a run of NetBackup to categorize files and makes it possible to identify the scale and age of protected information.

Enterprise Vault

You can reduce the volume of protected personal information with retention policies overseen by Enterprise Vault. The application’s classification engine categorizes data based on metadata or the actual file content and applies rules-based policies to ensure that data is kept only as long as required. Enterprise Vault also offers access controls that help achieve the data protection requirement of GDPR. Workflows in Enterprise Vault ensure that data is deleted only when appropriate.

eDiscovery Platform

EU residents have the right to review the personal data you’ve collected on them. In order to satisfy those requests, you need to be able to find that data. eDiscovery Platform provides a search capability that spans multiple file formats, including email archives, in order to find the necessary data. Use its workflow to tag, redact, or export personal data in response to a Subject Access Request.


Reliable backups are integral for business recovery, and NetBackup goes beyond that core function by gathering metadata on all the files it backs up. This metadata then flows into the other Veritas products like Information Map to support your GDPR compliance efforts.

Failing to achieve GDPR compliance can incur significant penalties, reaching €20 million or even more. Investing in a solid set of tools like those from Veritas can help companies reduce the risks of costly fines.

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