Veritas recently announced its latest NetBackup release. NetBackup 10 is the industry’s first cloud-optimized, enterprise data protection solution. As the Veritas Top Growth Regional Business Partner for the US, we are providing their list of new NetBackup features and benefits below:

Multi-Cloud Optimized

NetBackup brings insights and intelligence to cloud and data management. Using automated and intelligent policies and elastic services, NetBackup 10 delivers enhanced protection and simplified operations across expanded workloads including traditional, platform as a service (PaaS), software as a service (SaaS), and container-based applications. It provides secure, resilient, orchestrated delivery of intelligent, event-driven workload protection at the edge, on-premises, and in the cloud, reducing data protection gaps by minimizing human error and time-consuming administrative tasks with new capabilities:


  • Integrated SaaS application data protection
  • Integrated multi-cloud analytics and insights
  • Kubernetes multi-cloud recovery
  • Subscription licensing
  • Cloud scale technology
  • Enhanced cyber-resiliency

NetBackup Integrated SaaS Application Data Protection

Cloud-native SaaS application data protection operations are now integrated in the NetBackup 10 platform. With NetBackup, organizations can discover, monitor, protect, and secure data across all applications and environments from a single console.

NetBackup 10 provides automatic data protection for SaaS workloads, including auto-discovery of new users, mailboxes, and folders without any administrator action. Only data changed since the last backup is copied in each new backup, optimizing both cloud bandwidth savings and reducing backup windows.


NetBackup SaaS Protection offers flexible restore options, including the original or alternate locations, in bulk, by object group, a single file, or a Teams chat. With NetBackup SaaS Protection you have greater agility, resiliency, and cloud portability.

Integrated NetBackup IT Analytics Foundation

The newly integrated NetBackup IT Analytics Foundation capabilities bring together cloud and information with insights on the data, providing intelligence across hybrid and multi- cloud environments. NetBackup uses this information to optimize performance and mitigate risk. By pinpointing operational inefficiencies, identifying threshold-based backup inconsistencies, and compiling a single-source report of information, NetBackup easily identifies necessary changes so you can take action.

Using these analytics, overall cloud costs are reduced through right-sizing and optimizing cloud infrastructure. Bringing together insights from multiple cloud service providers helps identify the exact costs and enables consolidation of public cloud expenditures for further analysis and action.

Kubernetes Multi-Cloud, Multi-Distribution Recovery

A key component of the NetBackup Kubernetes protection solution design is the ability to protect any Kubernetes distribution regardless of deployment—on-premises or in the cloud.

Building on the support provided in version 9.1, NetBackup 10 brings even more enhancements to comprehensive Kubernetes data protection and management. Kubernetes backups can now be directed to any storage target available in the NetBackup web UI. And when it comes to the cloud, Kubernetes data protection operations are effectively managed with NetBackup’s Elastic Cloud Auto- Scaling, dynamically provisioning, and removing cloud instances as needed, maximizing cost and efficiency. Instant rollback from snapshots, application-consistent Kubernetes cluster backup, and support for NetBackup deduplication data efficiency are all built in. These Kubernetes capabilities are also fully integrated with all NetBackup ransomware resiliency functionality, ensuring data is always recoverable.

NetBackup 10 Kubernetes solutions feature simplified installation, configuration, and management. Intelligent policies now dynamically discover all namespaces and their labels on the Kubernetes cluster and add namespaces to the protection plan based on customer- defined parameters. This process ensures automatic protection, reduces the risk of data loss, and provides users much greater control in defining how their applications are protected, with the ability to easily include and exclude specific resources.

Over 50 percent of customers running Kubernetes run more than one distribution. One of the biggest drivers of Kubernetes is its portability—the ability to move between on-premises and different clouds. NetBackup 10 gives you the freedom to run as many distributions of Kubernetes as needed, without requiring different backup products. NetBackup 10 unifies backup for all Kubernetes environments, either on-premises and in the cloud. It also allows for multi-cloud, cross-distribution restores, significantly increasing disaster recovery (DR) capabilities. This data mobility provides Kubernetes users with the most efficient and comprehensive choices for backup and restore plus the freedom to choose and change their Kubernetes environments as necessary.

Subscription Licensing Model

NetBackup 10 introduces a subscription licensing model. This single subscription simplifies licensing with one recurring and predictable inclusive cost. This model makes operational budgeting easier and provides visibility and control over licenses and renewals. Subscription licensing also allows you to optimize your strategy and capacities to meet both technical and budget requirements, scaling up or down as needs change. With subscription licensing, you can run NetBackup anywhere—on-premises, hosted, or in the cloud.

Subscription licensing ensures you have ongoing access to continued innovation, technical support, and services. Protection for all workloads—traditional, lift-and-shift, or cloud-native—is included. NetBackup IT Analytics Foundation provides visibility and insight, allowing you more control over your environment. Customers have made it clear that subscription licensing is a necessary component to enable greater control of their enterprise data management costs and budgeting while making it easier to adopt modern, multi-cloud data management.

Cloud Scale Technology

Ninety percent of enterprises expect cloud usage to exceed their prior plans. As cloud adoption increases, however, so do cloud expenses. Enterprises are often surprised by cloud costs. Fighting wasteful spending on cloud resources and optimizing cloud costs are top priorities. NetBackup 10 includes cloud scale technology, which provides efficient data management and use of resources, helping executives meet their priority of efficient cloud spending.

NetBackup 10’s cloud scale technology delivers enhanced protection and simplified operations across expanded workloads, including Kubernetes and SaaS-based applications. It provides secure, resilient, automated, and orchestrated delivery of event-driven workload protection, resulting in a more cost-effective, secure, and sustainable cloud with:

    • Elastic Backup and Recovery Services for Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Azure
    • Enhanced Elastic Cloud Autoscaling for AWS and Azure
    • NetBackup Elastic Cloud Dedupe Services

Agentless backup from snapshots provides efficient, cloud-optimized, application-consistent, multi-cloud data protection. NetBackup’s Intelligent Cloud Policies automatically discover workloads and direct cloud-based snapshot protection in Azure and AWS.

Data optimization at the source and directly storing data in the most cost-effective cloud tier provide cost-effective, long-term retention in the cloud.

NetBackup 10’s multi-tier replication, the ability restores to anywhere—on-premises or in the cloud—and the application of NetBackup’s full cyber-resiliency capabilities ensure the data is always available and recoverable.

New Elastic Backup and Recovery Services for AWS and Azure

NetBackup 10’s new backup from snapshot capability allows organizations running their workloads on AWS and Azure to lower their storage costs by either moving their snapshot data to lower-cost storage tiers in the cloud, to Veritas’s own storage-as-a-service offering (NetBackup Recovery Vault), or to their own storage on-premises. And by using the Intelligent Cloud Policy Engine, this entire process can be automated based on criteria that is pre-defined by the backup administrator.

New Enhancements to Elastic Cloud Autoscaling for AWS and Azure

As more workloads are moved to the cloud, 70 percent of companies are concerned with their cloud spend. NetBackup 10 provides significant capabilities to help reduce cloud costs by only using cloud compute resources when required. Event-driven, Elastic Cloud Autoscaling for Azure and AWS automatically deploys and removes cloud instances as needed, providing the optimum cloud resources required by the business, at the right time. With Elastic Cloud Autoscaling for AWS and Azure, cloud compute resources are only in use as they are needed.

New NetBackup Elastic Cloud Dedupe Services

In addition to optimized, application-consistent backups from snapshots in multi-cloud environments, NetBackup 10 Elastic Cloud Deduplication Services reduce the overall cost of long-term cloud data retention by 95percent. The Cloud Dedupe Engine in NetBackup 10 is a simple, containerized deployment that eliminates the need for static instances, lowering the cost of cloud compute instances while processing more data.


A majority of business leaders identify ransomware as their primary concern. Ransomware continues to grow—the rising number of attacks, the costs of ransoms paid, and the cost of downtime from attacks are all increasing exponentially. Nothing threatens the data and livelihood of business around the world more than ransomware. Securing your environment and your data as well as ensuring you can recover are key requirements of any enterprise data protection solution. NetBackup follows three steps to deliver cyber-resiliency:


    1. Protect—Safeguarding data integrity with system hardening and immutability
    2. Detect—Monitoring and reporting on system activities to mitigate threats and vulnerabilities
    3. Recover—Automating and orchestrating complete cross-system restoration

NetBackup 10 reduces risks, eliminates uncertainty, and helps maintain control of your environment. NetBackup 10 enhancements for security, ransomware, and resiliency include:


    • AI-driven anomaly detection, automated malware scanning, and clean recovery
    • Enhancements to multi-cloud, ransomware-resilient, immutable data

AI-Driven Anomaly Detection and Automated Malware Scanning

NetBackup 10 augments its artificial intelligence‒driven anomaly detection capabilities with automated malware scanning. During backup operations, backups are checked for anomalies in near-real time. If anomalies are suspected, malware scanning is automatically initiated to determine if backups contain malware.

New malware scanning is also used to identify the “last-known-good” before restoring. The ability to identify and recover the most recent malware-free backup is crucial for fast recovery of critical business operations. When recovering, it is also imperative to ensure any infected files are not included in the restoration. The ability to exclude these files, preventing the possibility of reinfection, enables the most current backups to be recovered, getting business back to the closest point prior to the attack.

A comprehensive plan and tools like those in NetBackup 10 combined with immutable storage provided by the NetBackup Appliances family and NetBackup Object Lock for public clouds along with ransomware recovery rehearsals are all necessary components to provide cyber-resiliency and peace of mind about the security of your enterprise data.

New Enhancements to Multi-Cloud Cyber-Resiliency

NetBackup 10 expands cyber-resilient, multi-cloud data protection policies to AWS, Azure, and Seagate Lyve Cloud, providing more options for cloud-based, ransomware-resilient data retention.

Today, protecting SaaS application data from malware is a critical priority for all businesses. NetBackup 10’s integrated SaaS protection not only provides cyber-resilient backups in the cloud, but it also now offers an air-gapped, immutable copy of SaaS application data on-premises. Stored in the NetBackup Access LTR Appliance, an on-premises, air-gapped copy of data from Google Workspace, Microsoft 365, and many other SaaS applications provides another layer of ransomware resiliency, enables fast restoration, and helps meet critical governance compliance requirements that were previously unobtainable.


VAST can help enterprise organizations leverage all the features and integrations available on the Veritas NetBackup 10 upgrade. Partnering with Veritas has allowed us to optimize business recovery strategies, workflow mechanisms, and cyber resiliency with the help of NetBackup 10. Contact VAST to schedule a complimentary NetBackup consultation and plan your upgrade now.