Migrating to cloud can be challenging, but cloud adoption keeps on increasing. The Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) market grew nearly 30 percent last year, according to Gartner. For IaaS to be that popular, companies must be getting enough benefit from cloud to make it worth working through the challenges.

Many Benefits of IaaS

Most companies hope to gain multiple benefits from their switch to cloud. Adopting IaaS helps companies experience these improvements to their information technology:

  • Reduced cost. By eliminating the need to provision spare capacity in advance of need, IaaS can reduce hardware spending. Since much of the infrastructure maintenance is carried out by the vendor’s personnel, there can also be a reduction in staffing costs. Business can opt to pay per use or pay in advance for additional savings.
  • Increased flexibility. Getting new hardware in place to support new initiatives is time-consuming and costly when it requires on premises equipment. IaaS provides nearly instant access to additional resources. Because cloud operates on a pay-per-use model, it also offers the flexibility to downsize resources and reduce spending as needed. This allows businesses to be much more responsive to seasonal demand and the success or failure of new products. Development and test environments can be turned on when a project starts and turned off when it’s complete.
  • Better disaster recovery. IaaS comes with built-in high availability that gives businesses better disaster recovery. Hardware failures are easily addressed by moving virtual machines to a different server. In addition, IaaS lets businesses deploy servers in different geographical regions, meaning servers won’t get knocked out due to local conditions.
  • Better performance. Using different geographical regions also lets businesses address performance considerations. Instances can be deployed where users are, reducing the impact of network latency on the user experience.
  • Increased security. Vendors can provide locations certified to meet the compliance standards of industry regulations, giving businesses a head start on securing their applications.
  • Easier management. The dashboards, templates, and provisioning tools provided by IaaS vendors make it easier for IT admins to oversee and manage their servers.
  • More time for more important tasks. Because the IaaS vendor handles so much of the routine maintenance and because automation reduces the effort needed for routine tasks like provisioning new servers, using IaaS allows businesses to focus on the non-routine tasks that can add business value and give the company a competitive advantage.

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