Integrated backup appliances help businesses reduce the management complexity of their backup processes while increasing reliability at the same time. NetBackup appliances from Veritas make backup and recovery turnkey operations that are easy to deploy and can offer entities significant cost savings.

The latest backup appliance from Veritas is the NetBackup™ 5240 Appliance, a next generation solution for the 52×0 series of Veritas NetBackup™ Appliances.  Veritas NetBackup™ 5240 is an enterprise backup appliance with expandable storage and intelligent end-to-end deduplication for physical and virtual environments. Only Veritas appliances deduplicate on both the client and target side. Equipped with Veritas™ V-Ray technology, it provides unique visibility into virtual environments that speeds recovery and reduces storage costs. Content-aware deduplication reduces the size of backups so you can store more data cost effectively and replicate faster.

What’s New?

  • Up to 201 TB of backup storage
  • Up to 192 GB RAM Expansion
  • Reduced MSRP vs NBU 5230 for head node units, same cost per TB for expansion units
  • 30% faster backup performance vs 5230 models
  • 50% faster backup performance vs 5220 models

Release Content:

  • The 5240 can support up to 201 TB of total backup storage.
  • There are 4, 14, and 27 TB entry level options with reduced prices over 5230.
  • Engineering testing has shown a 30% (5230) to 50% increase (5220) in backup performance.
  • Software interfaces are similar to 5230:


o   Initial/storage configuration

o   Hardware monitoring for compute node and storage

o   Automation coverage

  • New hardware packaging will be rebranded to Veritas from Symantec.
  • 5240 has an increased number of both field (FRU) and customer replaceable units (CRU).

o   Standardization of part and serial number physical labelling

  • NetBackup 7.7.3/2.7.3 will come installed as the base version.
  • Chinese government sales require a certification by the Ministry of Public Security (MOPS) which the 5240 will have in time for 3.0.

Learn more about the NetBackup 5240 by reviewing the NetBackup 5240 Appliance Quick Reference Cards at Veritas. You can also contact dcVAST to talk about creating your backup strategy, how backup appliances might fit into it, and whether managed backup or managed discovery services could contribute to your company’s business continuity plan.