Using Software-as-a-Service makes the vendor responsible for your data—to a point. Even if you move email and other key business software to Office Online, you need a way to access, protect, and analyze historical data to satisfy compliance mandates and respond to legal inquiries. For businesses using Office 365, Veritas Data Protection and Governance for Microsoft 365 provides enterprise-grade support for easy management of online data.

Backup Tools and More

We’ve previously written about why you should continue to use Veritas Enterprise Vault instead of relying on Office 365 for data management. The new Veritas Data Protection and Governance for Microsoft 365 combines a new tool, Veritas SaaS Backup, with Veritas Information Map and Veritas Enterprise to provide comprehensive protection and access to Office 365 data. It spans Office 365 products including Microsoft Exchange, OneDrive, SharePoint, Skype, and other applications.

Veritas SaaS Backup is a new product offering cloud-to-cloud backup and recovery of Office 365 data. A single interface supports backup, search, and restore functionality. Varied recovery options include direct download, in-place restores, and account restores and migrations to allow you to restore using the method most appropriate to your needs.

Veritas Information Map lets you monitor Office 365 file usage in real time. Understanding the data you have in SharePoint and OneDrive is important to make appropriate data management decisions.

Veritas Enterprise supports retention and discovery in Office 365 data. Offering journaling for email, messaging, and other applications, Enterprise is designed to support compliance with regulations such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Enterprise gives you secure, discoverable storage for data. The feature set is more comprehensive than the archiving capabilities available in Office 365. You also have the option of using Enterprise Vault on premises, with integration with write once, read many devices to provide additional data integrity assurance.

Businesses today need to increase their focus on data protection, data privacy, and governance; in addition to GDPR, several states as well as the US federal government have proposed enhancements to privacy regulations. Companies can’t rely on their cloud providers to meet the requirements of those regulations and will need to use tools that integrate with cloud in order to protect their customers’ data and their business.

VAST offers support for the full suite of Veritas products, including managed services that provide a 24×7 response in case of problems. Contact us to learn more about using Veritas to provide data protection and governance of your Office 365 data.