Two heads are better than one. Are two IT architectures better than one? Hybrid IT and hybrid cloud offer businesses the ability to match their IT infrastructure to the specific needs of specific workloads. Those customized environments create additional complexity and management challenges, however, as different environments using different devices and tools use different management approaches.

Nutanix Clusters on AWS eliminates the additional complexity and challenges that come with hybrid environments. By using the same Nutanix hyperconverged infrastructure products both in the Amazon Web Services cloud and locally in the data center, businesses achieve flexibility, cost savings, and simplicity in their hybrid environment.

Nutanix Clusters on AWS Features

Nutanix Clusters on AWS brings simplicity to complex hybrid cloud environments with these features:

Health monitoring, recovery, and availability

Nutanix Prism generates alerts when system status declines. In addition, Nutanix Clusters monitors cluster health and automatically remediates unresponsive nodes through node replacement operation. Cluster design is rack-aware to ensure clusters are up even if a rack fails completely.

Native networking integration

There’s no need for network overlays. Existing VPCs and private subnets in Amazon can be used in their current configuration.

Single management interface

There’s only one way to manage Nutanix infrastructure, whether it’s in the cloud or the data center. Not only does it make management simpler, it means a single skillset and a single team is needed to provide support.

One-click operations

Expand clusters with one-click operations or automatically based on triggers. If you’re using hybrid cloud to provide peak seasonal capacity, the ability to shut down and recover hybrid nodes and data with a single click makes that critical infrastructure available with minimal manual effort and zero chance for manual mistakes.

Cost management

Cloud costs can grow out of control even in simple cloud environments. Complex architectures make oversight even harder. Nutanix Clusters integrates with Xi Beam to provide cost analytics and automate governance policies to ensure appropriate cloud resource sizing and leverage savings from reserved instances.

The overall result is an environment that’s simpler, easier to manage, and less likely to run up excessive costs. In addition, using Nutanix Clusters on AWS makes it easy for businesses to migrate applications and data between environments, overcoming one of the biggest difficulties in using hybrid cloud. The same application design runs successfully in both the cloud and data center.

When to Use Nutanix Clusters on AWS

There are several reasons to choose Nutanix Clusters on AWS in addition to hybrid cloud for cloud bursting scenarios:

Speed your transition to cloud

If you are already using Nutanix in your data center, you can use a lift-and-shift cloud migration strategy without losing any benefits of cloud.

Disaster recovery

Using Nutanix in both the data center and the cloud means cloud can mirror your production environment exactly and simplify your disaster recovery process.

Access cloud-native services

Nutanix Clusters on AWS allow you to use cloud native services without rearchitecting your applications.

VAST IT Services provides complete Nutanix support, helping businesses reduce management complexity and IT costs in the data center and now in the cloud. Contact us to learn more about how using Nutanix Clusters on AWS can help organizations meet their cloud goals.