Let’s start with a case example: The file server fails at a law firm, with 200 users, resulting in employees losing access to client records, forms, document assembly and case management resources. The firm’s partners and associates, on average, have a 70% utilization rate of the file server which can be translated into billable time.

It takes two hours after the failure is reported for the firm’s IT service provider to begin remediation on the server, and another six hours to get the server back up. As a result, billable time is significantly decreased. In fact, the loss of income produced by this one-time server failure is likely enough to have paid for a reliable managed services solution.

This is but one of the many examples how lack of access to information on the server can cause significant loss in productivity and revenue. While no system is 100% reliable, cases like these should be rare exceptions versus yearly or more frequent occurrences.

The bottom line: Technology and support efficiencies, as well as a constant reliance on enterprise-wide and cloud-based servers, have aligned to provide an affordable and critical alternative to a reactive IT environment.  In short: you no longer should accept unnecessary risk when it comes to server downtime and utilization rates.

An experienced Managed Services Provider can:

  • Increase
    – System uptime and performance
    – Staff productivity
    – Cost predictability
    – Alignment of IT to business needs
    – Transparency into IT performance
  • Reduce
    – Emergency IT issues
    – Downtime and lost productivity costs

Additionally, the benefits of dcVAST’s Managed IT Services in Chicago and beyond include:

  • Security
  • Cost-Efficiency
    – Reduces storage management overhead
    –  Reduces data protection costs
    – Companies need only pay for the storage they actually use
    – Companies do not need to install physical storage devices in their own datacenter or offices, reducing IT and hosting costs
  • Data is isolated and in a secure environment
  • Additional protection against loss of data
  • Replicated Unified Storage, flexible and scalable to accommodate both large and small enterprise environments
  • Storage maintenance tasks, such as backup, data replication, and purchasing additional storage devices are offloaded to the responsibility of a service provider, allowing organizations to focus on their core business.

For more information on managed services in Chicago, contact the dcVAST team or visit our managed service page today. We will work with your business to match you with a customized managed services solution that fits your needs – to help protect you from the costly delays caused by reactive IT and other file server issues.

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