Why are you storing data in the cloud? Whatever your reason for using cloud, Cohesity provides a single-platform, comprehensive backup solution to help you effectively manage data.


Backup data isn’t used every day, but storage devices in the data center need ongoing support and maintenance, not to mention ongoing increases in capacity. With Cohesity, data from any location—on premises, cloud, and SaaS applications—can be backed up and restored in cloud.

Disaster recovery.

Using the cloud for disaster recovery eliminates the need for an expensive and largely idle secondary data center. Automation and orchestration supports failover in cloud, data center, and hybrid environments. Flexible recovery options allow data to be restored across platforms.

Data archiving.

Archived data is used even less frequently than backup data, but keeping it in the data center keeps those challenges of storage support and management on-site. Archive data to the cloud to gain access to unlimited archival storage as needed.

Storage tiering.

Cloud offers a greater variety of storage options than businesses can build in their data center. Policies match data to storage with appropriate cost and  performance characteristics. Cohesity makes it easy to retrieve data back to premises when necessary.

Development and test environments.

Development and test are temporary, but development and test environments in the data center mean permanent costs.  Move the infrastructure to the cloud and the environment and costs are as transitory as the work.

One of the biggest challenges businesses face in managing IT resources is that it often requires multiple tools to address a single issue—a separate backup solution for each environment. Cohesity provides a single product solution with the ability to easily backup to any environment, apply policies to use the appropriate storage tier, and restore the backup to the selected environment. By consolidating data management, Cohesity eliminates data silos—businesses can see the data they have and use it more effectively.

For AWS cloud users, Cohesity’s new Data Management as a Service offering makes protecting data and flexibly reusing data in the cloud even easier.

VAST IT Services provides complete Cohesity support, enabling businesses to create backups that offer value far beyond simply making backup copies. Contact VAST IT Services to learn more about how Cohesity can protect data while making it available to meet multiple cloud data use cases.