Keeping up with security patches is unquestionably important. Unfortunately, sometimes patches have unintended side effects. That’s the case with a recent Microsoft patch that’s interfering with Enterprise Vault shortcuts.

Symptoms of the Problem

The problem manifests itself when trying to access archived emails in Microsoft Outlook. Double-clicking the shortcut simply displays a banner stating that the item has been archived by Enterprise Vault and to click to view the original item. Clicking the banner makes Outlook unresponsive.

Problem Cause

The problem is caused by installing the September 12, 2017 security patch for Microsoft Outlook 2010, 2013, and 2016. An administrator can determine if you’ve installed the patch that causes the problem by running this command:

systeminfo | findstr “KB4011089 KB4011090 KB4011091

These patches cause the problem because they disable scripts for custom forms. Enterprise Vault shortcuts are custom forms that use scripting for retrieving items.

Problem Solution

Fortunately, there is a workaround for this problem. Veritas provides details here; in short, you need to add registry entries to allow Enterprise Vault shortcuts to execute the necessary scripts. The Veritas page linked above provides a zip file with the necessary registry entries. If you prefer not to alter your registry, you can inform users to use Enterprise Vault Search instead of shortcuts to access archived items.

You can also resolve this problem by upgrading to Enterprise Vault version 12.2.1, which includes a fix for this issue.

If you need any assistance determining whether you are affected by the issue or would like help either updating your registry or installing a later version of Enterprise Vault, the dcVAST team is here to assist you.

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