The most critical asset of every business is its data. With today’s analytics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence, that data can drive the business forward to a more successful future. Tools from Veritas make sure that data is available and protected, as well as offering insights to help you leverage data effectively.

Keep Data Available with Veritas

Outages that make data inaccessible can shut down an entire operation. The Veritas Resiliency Platform ensures that reliable backups are available to restore service with minimal downtime. It spans multiple clouds and data centers to protect all business data wherever it resides. Automated recovery processes streamline the return to normal and enable businesses to meet tight recovery time objectives. The built-in ransomware protection means there’s always a legitimate version of data available to satisfy tight recovery point objectives.

Data center needs often require changing devices and configurations, which can cause problems for the applications that depend on them. Veritas InfoScale provides software-defined infrastructure that makes applications independent of the underlying physical devices. Changes are transparent to applications, meaning no unplanned outages. Storage can easily be shared, resulting in resilient configurations.

Keep Data Protected with Veritas

Keeping data protected starts with backing it up. All data needs to be backed up, whether it’s in the cloud or the data center.

NetBackup provides comprehensive backup to protect cloud, virtual machines, and local NAS storage. Parallel streaming makes backups fast, and application-aware backups for Oracle, MSSQL, and other products ensures consistent copies that can be used for recovery. Use a NetBackup appliance to get the NetBackup platform on optimized hardware.

SaaS Backup ensures that critical data stored with third-parties, such as Office 365 and G Suite, is backed up. Companies often overlook that the backups provided by those third parties isn’t designed to keep historic data or satisfy business compliance standards. Businesses need to create their own backups to retain control of their data and ensure it’s protected.

Get Insights into Data with Veritas

Businesses need to understand their data and be able to search it effectively. Veritas provides a range of products that tackle this from different angles. Aptare IT Analytics provides insights to support data center and storage optimization. Data Insight supports information governance by helping businesses identify risks in their data. eDiscovery Platform makes it possible to effectively respond to legal and regulatory requests.

Protecting business data is one of the most critical IT services, and the suite of products from Veritas support all aspects of that function. VAST IT Services supports all Veritas products to ensure that data is protected and available when needed. Contact us to learn more about how Veritas can help solve your data protection challenges.