Coping with continually increasing volumes of data remains one of the biggest challenges in IT. The growth of data makes it difficult to track and manage; silos make it difficult to use. While cloud has made storage capacity available on demand, it hasn’t helped with these other problems. The new Data Management as a Service (DMaaS) offering from Cohesity and Amazon Web Services provides a solution to help businesses get control of their data without the struggle of cobbling together a set of data management tools in their data center.

DMaaS will ultimately provide businesses an entire suite of services to address multiple data management challenges, including:

• backup and archiving

• disaster recovery

• file and object services

• copy data management

• analytics

With the solution hosted on AWS and managed by Cohesity, businesses will have a streamlined way to protect, govern, and leverage their data.

The Cohesity/AWS DMaaS solution is built on Cohesity Helios. Helios is an existing data management offering from Cohesity; the new DMaaS product means Cohesity can additionally manage the environment.

The benefits of this managed service include:

Single Vendor Solution.

Businesses will be able to rely on a single provider to address all their data management needs. By consolidating these services, silos and mass data fragmentation are reduced, allowing businesses to use data more effectively.

Enhanced Security.  

Helios uses machine learning to detect usage anomalies that potentially indicate an attack. By learning of attacks while they’re happening, businesses can respond sooner and protect their data more efficiently.

Simplified Data Management.

Data can be managed the same way whether it’s on-premises or in the cloud, easing the load on operations teams.

Reduced Cost.

Because it’s offered “as a Service”, the new Cohesity solution eliminates the need to over-provision storage resources. Along with the reduced cost comes reduced effort for both staff and management.

Cloud Integration.

As the new service stores data in AWS, the data is right where it needs to be for businesses that want to leverage the numerous cloud-based services, such as business intelligence and machine learning, available in AWS.

Data Management Flexibility.

Because Cohesity is now available on-premises, in the cloud, and as a Service, businesses have complete freedom to manage their data in the way that makes the most sense for their business and technical capabilities. Yet that freedom doesn’t overload their staff with learning to support multiple data management products.

Data Management Standardization.

There’s no conflict between flexibility and standardization. With DMaaS, regional offices and branches can easily use the same backup solution as the main office. Data is handled consistently and with the same skillset no matter where it originates or is used.

For businesses struggling to cope with the data explosion, Cohesity’s DMaaS on AWS offers a new approach to consolidate and simplify their data management. As a Cohesity partner, VAST IT Services helps our clients manage their data with Cohesity across all environments. Contact us to learn how Cohesity and DMaaS can reduce your data management challenges.