Conduent, a New Jersey-based business process services and solutions provider, announced the availability of its Maven platform on AWS. The platform was recently updated with a new module specifically designed to track and report on cases of COVID-19.

Maven is a disease management platform used by public health officials, medical providers, epidemiologists and laboratories to provide support and share information during an outbreak crisis. It securely tracks patients infected with or exposed to dire communicable diseases such as Novel Coronavirus, Ebola, Zika, measles, tuberculosis, HIV/STDs and influenza. According to Conduent, Maven is currently used by about 40 organizations, mainly in the United States, to manage cases of over 90 communicable diseases.

To help stop the spread of COVID-19 in the United States, Conduent is waiving the software license fee for the Maven COVID-19 module through June 30, 2020 for qualified state- and territorial-level public health agencies.  

The rapid deployment of Maven on the secure and resilient AWS cloud provides new levels of agility and scalability helping to speed up the implementation process. Maven uses the AWS Application Load Balancer to distribute traffic to the Maven application running on top of EC2. The Maven COVID-19 module uses Amazon Relational Amazon RDS for MySQL as its datastore.

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