For many businesses, Microsoft products form the foundation of their infrastructure and core application technology. That means taking advantage of the benefits of the cloud requires finding a way to use these products in the cloud. Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides a lot of support for using Microsoft in the cloud—in fact, Amazon started running their own Microsoft products in the cloud in 2013.

Cost-Effective AWS Clouds for Microsoft Products

Since one of the primary motivations most businesses have for moving to the cloud is managing their technology spending more effectively, it’s important to recognize that running Microsoft in AWS can be a wise spending choice.

With AWS, you can transfer your existing Microsoft licenses to your AWS environment, so the new environment doesn’t have to mean new software costs. Your other costs in AWS are based on the resources you use, and environments are able to scale up and down rapidly, so your IT spending matches your need for IT resources.

AWS Makes It Easy to Set Up Your Microsoft Environment

Although technology migrations are always complex and take more time than we’d like, there are a lot of tools on AWS to help you get your new environment set up quickly.

You can start with a pre-configured machine image. These are environments that Amazon and Microsoft developed together to provide environments optimized for Microsoft Windows Server and SQL Server. Using these images eliminates the time spent resolving configuration issues. There are reference architectures to help you get started with enterprise applications including SharePoint and Exchange.

Once you’ve got your machine image, AWS can help you get your data loaded into your new database.  The AWS Database Migration Service minimized downtime during the transition. If you’ll be using a different database in AWS than on your local servers, use the AWS Schema Conversion Tool to translate between them.

Now to keep your machines and data secure. Managed Microsoft Active Directory supports trust relationships with your local Active Directory installation, and supports single sign-on and multi-factor authentication.

Finally, your environment is ready for you to unleash your developers on it. It won’t take them long to get familiar with it and become productive; their familiar tools, like Visual Studio and PowerShell, are available on AWS, along with a .NET SDK.

Benefits of Running Microsoft Products in AWS

Cost, as mentioned earlier, is one of the main drivers for migrating to the cloud. When your Microsoft environment runs in AWS, you’ll get other benefits, as well—primarily reduced risk and increased security and compliance.

AWS provides security around its cloud, and you can use an AWS environment certified for compliance with your industry requirements. If needed, you can establish end-to-end encryption. The worldwide architecture of AWS means you can use different regions and availability zones to reduce the risk of outages.

You’ll also have access to tools that make monitoring and managing your Windows workloads easier, reducing the chance of operational errors or overlooking a developing problem. With other tools, you can automate many of the routine administrative tasks.

Ready to Move Your Microsoft Environment to AWS?

Almost any Microsoft application can successfully run in AWS. If you’re ready to get started, dcVAST is ready to help. Our managed AWS service provides complete support of your AWS environment, ensuring smooth, optimized performance. Contact us to learn more about how you can get started on AWS.