As we’ve discussed previously, you need a backup strategy even when you’re deployed in cloud. Once you’ve accepted the reality that using cloud doesn’t eliminate the need for you to support your own approach to backup, you need to develop your strategy and select the right tools to make it effective. If your clouds run in Amazon Web Services, the AWS-native backup and recovery built into Veeam Backup & Replication offers a streamlined approach.

AWS Native Backup in Veeam

Veeam offers two approaches to AWS backups. The standalone solution allows you to backup from AWS to AWS, with recovery anywhere: in AWS, another cloud, or on premises. The native AWS backup capability integrated into Veeam Backup & Replication means you can backup from AWS to any other environment (AWS, cloud, premises) as well as restore to any environment. AWS environments that can be used include Amazon Snowball Edge. This flexibility is also simple to manage. This approach also means your AWS cloud backups aren’t restricted to your AWS cloud, allowing you to take a unified approach to backups if you have  a multi-cloud environment and reducing the risks of vendor lock-in.

No matter where you’ve stored your backup, Veeam’s rapid recovery capabilities allow you to meet tight recovery time and recovery point objectives.

Security controls ensure your backups are protected. Immutability prevents anyone from tampering with your data and ensures recovery capability in case of a ransomware attack. Multifactor authentication as well as distinct roles for backup operations restrict access to authorized users.

This is a cost-effective approach to cloud backup. Veeam includes a built-in backup calculator to help you manage your costs. In addition, your Amazon EBS snapshots can be backed up to Amazon SE repositories for lower cost long-term storage.

Protect All Your Environments

Of course, most businesses today use multiple clouds and on premises infrastructure. Veeam isn’t limited to AWS, so you can use one backup tool to protect your data and servers no matter where they reside or what platform they use. Supported infrastructure includes Windows, Linux, VMware, and Azure Stack, making Veeam Backup & Recovery a comprehensive solution.

VAST IT Services provides comprehensive support for critical backup and recovery tools from Veeam. With our expertise in Veeam combined with support for AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform, we develop backup and disaster recovery strategies that ensure critical data is protected and can be rapidly recovered when needed. Contact us to learn more about using Veeam to implement your backup and disaster recovery strategy across your entire infrastructure.