Most small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) rely heavily on their IT environment. Companies typically require both internal and customer-facing systems to maintain operations. Inefficient use of the available technology may result in a company being unable to compete in today’s demanding business landscape.

In many cases, SMBs are hindered in their ability to maximize their computing environment due to a lack of financial or technical resources. Their smaller size in comparison to giant corporations may make it impossible to keep up with potential competitors using only their employees. Fortunately, SMBs can take advantage of managed IT services to level the playing field.

Through the use of managed services, an SMB can implement a robust IT environment that rivals the power of a Fortune 500 company. Following are some of the most impactful reasons that managed IT services are good for an SMB.

Optimizing Available Technology

SMBs are often operating with limited technical knowledge and expertise. A lack of skills may make it unfeasible for a company to take advantage of emerging technology that can benefit the business. Opportunities to grow the business may have to be bypassed due to an inability to efficiently manage new hardware and software solutions.

Engaging a managed service provider (MSP) enables an SMB to take full advantage of new technology to address business goals and requirements. A reliable MSP provides an experienced staff of IT professionals who can help customers identify, implement, and manage new IT solutions. The MSP can eliminate the skill gaps that previously constrained an SMB’s ability to benefit from advanced technology.

One area where many SMBs can greatly benefit from working with an MSP is taking full advantage of the potential of cloud computing. Companies may be reluctant to migrate from their current in-house IT environment despite its limitations because of unfamiliarity with the cloud. Managed cloud services can help an SMB modernize its IT solutions, make it easier to access corporate data from anywhere, and support a mobile or hybrid workforce.

Developing and Maintaining a Competitive Edge

The effective use of cutting-edge technological solutions allows an SMB to gain a competitive edge over its market rivals. Technology can be instrumental in attracting new business and providing enhanced service to current customers. Working with an MSP gives an SMB access to the advanced technology that is essential in competing in today’s market.

Making effective use of advanced technology like analytics can differentiate a company from its competitors. An MSP can help an SMB implement solutions that will ensure they do not fall behind other players in their market sector and present growth opportunities.

Ensuring Regulatory Compliance

Virtually all small businesses store and process some kind of regulated data. Companies that process credit card payments must adhere to the PCI DSS standards to protect cardholder information. Organizations in the healthcare field are also required to abide by HIPAA regulations regarding the security and privacy of patient data. If you do business in Europe, GDPR comes into play.

It can be very challenging for SMBs to take all the necessary steps to ensure compliance with multiple regulations. Maintaining compliance is complicated by changes that may be introduced by the regulatory agencies. Organizations can face serious financial, legal, and reputational penalties by failing to comply.

A reliable MSP understands the regulatory landscape and the solutions an SMB must implement to achieve compliance. They alleviate the questions regarding data handling and storage that can lead to a breach involving regulated information. Decision-makers can be confident that their sensitive data is treated appropriately to ensure regulatory compliance.

Increasing Data Protection and Security

Data protection and security are essential for any size company. A lack of cybersecurity skills can put an organization’s valuable data resources at risk. Managed services can address these skill gaps and enhance security to better defend the environment from threat actors.

An MSP can implement a comprehensive data protection strategy that ensures data is kept safe and meets regulatory standards. Managed security and data protection services enable decision-makers to concentrate on core business activities while skilled experts protect the environment.

Saving Money

Managed services are not free. Companies need to pay for the services they receive. This situation may make some SMBs question the financial benefits of engaging an MSP. While some monetary investment is necessary to access managed services, they can result in substantial savings for a company over the long term.

Organizations can enjoy cost savings in a variety of ways when working with a reputable MSP. Following are examples of how an SMB can save money with managed services.

  • Minimizing training costs – Relying on the technical expertise of an MSP reduces an organization’s training costs. A company does not need to spend money to train individuals to handle new technology.
  • Controlling staff size – Companies can take advantage of managed services rather than adding new employees to address skill gaps or handle new IT solutions.
  • Implementing the appropriate IT solutions – A reliable and experienced MSP will be able to help an organization select the right technology to fulfill business requirements. Companies can be assured of not wasting money on solutions that will not meet their needs. Making the right technology choices can save money, help the business grow, and attract new customers.

Work with a Trusted Partner

VAST offers SMBs the managed IT services they need to help their businesses thrive. VAST has formed strategic partnerships with a wide variety of IT vendors, putting them in an excellent position to provide the type of assistance your SMB requires. The experts at VAST can work with you to perform an assessment of your IT environment and suggest areas that would benefit from a move to managed services.

VAST offers its customers an extensive portfolio of managed services designed to help SMBs maximize their IT environment and investment. SMBs can take advantage of these services:

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