Regularly backing up an IT environment has always been considered a best practice. Backups offer one of the most effective methods of protecting systems and data resources against all types of unexpected events. Companies that do not implement a reliable backup and recovery solution risk losing valuable enterprise data and availability to business-critical systems.

Traditional backup solutions supported protecting on-premises IT environments. They typically involved hosting backup hardware and software in the data center and generating backup media that could be stored locally or off-site for additional protection. The shift towards cloud computing and the necessity to back up remote workers’ devices have transformed the landscape of modern backup and recovery platforms.

It can be difficult for organizations to identify the most efficient backup and recovery solution to address their unique business requirements and objectives. The Gartner Magic Quadrant Report offers guidance on the most advanced and effective solutions on the market. Gartner has an excellent reputation for conducting thorough research into technology solutions.

In this post, we will look at VAST’s strategic partners that have been included in this year’s report.

Why Your Company Needs an Effective Backup and Recovery Solution

Backups have always been important as a means of protecting valuable data resources. The importance of reliable backups has increased dramatically as companies rely more heavily on their data assets to remain competitive in today’s marketplace. The loss of access to enterprise data can cripple an organization and potentially force them to close their business.

A backup and recovery solution enables a company to effectively address the following types of data loss scenarios.

  • Backups are essential to recover from failed system upgrades or data migrations that inadvertently delete enterprise data.
  • Accidental deletion of valuable data is always possible due to human error. The effects can be mitigated with viable backups to recover the lost data.
  • Attacks by threat actors with ransomware or other types of malware may require systems to be rebuilt quickly. Having current backups on hand will minimize the downtime caused by an attack and allow a company to restore business operations.
  • Backups are also critical in allowing companies to recover from manmade or natural disasters. The increase in major weather events has made preparing for a disaster mandatory for all businesses.

VAST Partners Included on the Gartner Magic Quadrant Report

VAST has formed strategic partnerships with industry leaders in a variety of technology disciplines. The importance of backup and recovery solutions makes the inclusion of the following vendors referenced in the Gartner Magic Quadrant Report an essential part of VAST’s portfolio of customer solutions.


Cohesity is defined as a leader in the Gartner report for its range of backup solutions designed for enterprise use. VAST supports multiple backup and data management products offered by Cohesity. VAST can help implement the following solutions to protect a customer’s IT environment.

  • Cohesity DataPlatform – The DataPlatform is a solution that consolidates backups, files, and analytics to enable companies to extract insights from their data resources. It provides deduplication and efficient storage that extends from the core to the edge and the public cloud.
  • Cohesity DataProtect – This modern backup and recovery solution is integrated with Cohesity DataPlatform to provide policy-based backups, public cloud archiving, and rapid recoveries.
  • Cohesity Helios – Helios is an SaaS-based application that works with the DataPlatform to furnish a consolidated view and management capabilities for all data and workloads, no matter where they are located.


Druva is given visionary status in the Gartner report for its Data Resiliency Cloud platform. VAST offers customers a Cloud Backup as a Service (CBaaS) solution built on Druva’s advanced BaaS solution. Druva leverages AWS infrastructure to store, run, and manage enterprise backups. The tool is designed to protect SaaS application data, cloud virtual machines, and on-premises infrastructures.

The CBaaS offering from VAST and Druva provides customers with multiple benefits that include:

  • A managed cloud-based backup solution that aligns an organization’s data protection pick with its business objectives;
  • Advanced backup and recovery technology;
  • Predictable budgeting with a fixed pricing model;
  • Immutable backups to ensure the protection of sensitive data resources and demonstration of regulatory compliance;
  • Eliminating the costs of constructing and maintaining an on-premises backup solution.

VAST offers four focused backup solutions based on Drive technology that are designed to address specific business needs. These solutions protect enterprise data stored in:

  • Microsoft 365 environments;
  • The public cloud;
  • Hybrid and on-premises data centers;
  • Enterprise endpoints.


Veeam is another leader according to the Gartner report. The centerpiece of its backup portfolio is the Veeam Data Platform which is composed of Veeam Backup and Replication, Veeam ONE, and the Veeam Recovery Orchestrator. VAST supports implementing the Veeam Data Platform for its customers looking for superior data protection.

The capabilities available with the Veeam Data Platform include:

  • Enterprise-grade immutable backups that protect the computing environment from a cyberattack with fast restore performance;
  • Fast response to ransomware attacks that identify and automate the recovery of clean data;
  • Immutable backups for AWS and Microsoft Azure environments with orchestrated disaster recovery functionality;
  • Direct-to-object storage with cloud-native support and greater ransomware protection.


Veritas is also listed as a leader in the Gartner report. It has an impressive portfolio of backup and data protection solutions that are supported by VAST’s IT experts. Veritas’ offerings include NetBackup, Backup Exec, and NetBackup Appliances. The company has developed several cloud-based backup and recovery solutions to address the evolving requirements of modern businesses.

VAST offers its customers a full slate of Veritas data protection solutions to fit any size environment. The Veritas backup and recovery products supported by VAST include:

  • Veritas Alta Data Protection for enterprise backup and recovery;
  • Veritas Alta Recovery Vault which offers cloud storage for backup data;
  • Veritas Alta SaaS Protection to protect data in SaaS applications.

VAST Has Your Back with Backup and Recovery Solutions

The array of backup and recovery solutions available through VAST ensures that your data will be protected effectively and efficiently. Their experienced professionals will work with you to implement a solution that aligns with your business objectives and keeps your valuable data safe.

Ready to safeguard your data effectively? Reach out to VAST’s experts today and ensure your data’s unwavering protection.