Backups used to be simple. Copy files to tape and store them. Easy, done. But it’s not that easy any more. Today’s infrastructure consists of a challenging mix of technologies, downtime windows for completing backups continue to shrink, and stable backups are needed to recover from ransomware as well as backups. Many businesses use multiple backup products to attempt to address varied concerns, creating a management nightmare.

Upgrading to a modern backup product offers a better solution. NetBackup 8.3 from Veritas has the features companies need to ensure their backups provide protection across all their infrastructure.

NetBackup 8.3 Features

The latest release of NetBackup includes numerous features that recognize and address the real obstacles to backing up today’s IT infrastructure:

Supports disparate environments. NetBackup can be deployed in data centers, in the cloud, or on special-purpose backup appliances. It works on Windows and Linux, VMWare, Hyper-V, Nutanix AHV, and more.

Cloud is central. NetBackup offers cloud native solutions. More than 60 clouds are supported backup sources/targets.

Virtual machines are central. For those businesses that virtualize on premises rather than in the cloud, autodiscovery makes protection automatic.

Workloads are central. NetBackup offers application-aware services for Microsoft SQL, Oracle Rac, IBM DB2, Microsoft Exchange, and other common core systems.

Minimizes downtime. High speed backups reduce the downtime needed to create consistent copies; NetBackup Accelerator backs up only the changed blocks, not entire fires. High speed restores reduce the downtime associated with an outage. Instant Access makes backups immediately available. Continuous data protection delivers near-zero recovery time and recovery point objectives. Recovery procedures can be tested without impacting production, ensuring your team will know how to perform necessary tasks during and outage.

Offers simplified management. A single dashboard enables monitoring backups across all environments, making it easier to perform and monitor critical data protection and disaster recovery tasks.

Protects against ransomware. Immutability ensures backups can be used to recover from ransomware attacks. Role based access ensures users can only perform authorized operations.

Reduces costs. NetBackup’s features are included in a single license. Key technologies include CloudPoint, which allows you to use native cloud snapshots for backup and recovery, and Veritas Resiliency Platform, to provide resilience across multi-cloud architectures. With one product protecting all environments, it’s a cost-effective solution. Other cost savings come from deduplication before storing data in the cloud, reducing cloud costs.

VAST’s vice president of sales, Bob Swanson, says Veritas NetBackup 8.3 is the most significant upgrade to the product in the last several years. With it, Veritas has prioritized its enterprise data services platform, delivering data availability, protection, and insight.

VAST IT Services is a Veritas partner. To learn more about why you should upgrade to NetBackup 8.3 or start using NetBackup for the first time, contact VAST IT Services.