Upgrade projects can be disruptive and time consuming, but companies shouldn’t neglect them. Keeping up with the latest software releases not only gives you access to the latest features, it keeps you safe with updates that address security vulnerabilities. Staying on the “more current” slope of the curve ensures you’ll have access to support from the Veritas tech support if you need it. Every product has end of life, end of support, and end of extended support dates beyond which Veritas will no longer offer support.

For NetBackup Server and NetBackup Enterprise Server versions 7.0 through, that end of support date is coming soon: February 1, 2017. Businesses still using those versions should begin making plans to upgrade to a supported version. NetBackup Server and NetBackup Enterprise Server versions 7.7+ will be supported until May 2019, with extended support available up to May 2021, so that’s an option for users that don’t want to be on the newest version or can’t upgrade to NetBackup 8.0.

In most cases, businesses should upgrade to NetBackup 8.0 to take advantage of important new features. With NetBackup 8.0, Veritas offers companies an advanced data management tool, not simply a backup management tool. Think about how these features can help your business achieve its data management goals:

  • Integration with tools to achieve Veritas 360 Data Management. NetBackup 8.0 is integrated with Veritas Information Map, Veritas Resiliency Platform, and Veritas Velocity. These integrations enable business to understand their data, recover from a disaster with a single click, and effectively manage data copies.
  • Integration with cloud storage providers. Through integration with leading cloud storage providers, NetBackup 8.0 enables enterprises to backup and manage their data consistently, wherever it’s stored.
  • Integration with hypervisors. For enterprises using virtual machines, NetBackup 8.0 offers scalable VM backups with increased performance. There’s new fine-grained control to ensure that VM restorations recover only the data needed.
  • Extended capacity. The NetBackup appliances with deduplication enable enterprises to store, recover, and manage petabytes of data with minimal footprint and energy costs.
  • Simplified management. NetBackup allows you to manage all of your storage technologies from a single console. With one place to review your status, the time to recognize a problem and the complexity of resolving it is reduced.
  • Self-service support. Reduce the demand on your operational staff by allowing users to restore the data they need when they need it. NetBackup offers integration with Oracle, SQL Server, and other tools to enable business users to perform their own backups and restores on demand.

Whether you’re a long-time NetBackup user who needs help upgrading to the latest version or you’re just considering NetBackup for the first time now, dcVAST can help you understand and deploy the right solution. As a Veritas solution provider, we’re skilled in providing support for the entire suite of Veritas products. Our services include managed NetBackup, where our expert team designs, implements, and monitors your data backups to ensure you’re fully protected. Contact us to discuss your data backup needs and to find out more about how NetBackup can help you manage your backups and your company’s data.