Backup strategies and solutions that were implemented years ago often fail to meet current business demands.

Does your backup strategy:

handle your hybrid environment?

Businesses have to backup both cloud and on premises infrastructure. Data needs to be backed up everywhere, with the ability to quickly and easily recover it in any of the environments. When companies have multiple clouds, one product may or may not provide cloud native backups and integrate easily across all of them.

provide both rapid backups and rapid recoveries?

Minimizing downtime isn’t just about recovering from outages; it also means minimizing how long systems are shutdown to take backups. The continual growth in data volumes makes this even more challenging. In order to support these demands, backup solutions need to speed the process through tricks like recording only changed blocks, while rapid recovery needs fast access to files as well as application-consistent backups.

offer easy management?

Legacy backup solutions can mean complicated license tracking, as well as the need to install and support agent software. There may not be a single interface across platforms, making working with backups difficult. It may take time to locate and mount backups before they can be used.

keep backed-up data safe?

Whether through accidental file deletion or deliberate corruption of data via ransomware, reliable backups are vital to recovering from all types of data loss. Backups protected via strong security, encryption, and immutability ensure that good copies of data exist and can restore systems to a known, correct state.

Modern backup solutions like the Veeam Availability Suite are designed with features that meet today’s backup and recovery needs, with features that go far beyond those of legacy systems.

Veeam includes features to:

Handle hybrid environments

Veeam backs up data wherever it resides. Veeam backs up physical systems running Windows, Linux, or other Unix variants, as well as virtualized systems using VMware, Hyper-V, and AHV. It provides backup for Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, and Microsoft Azure, including native backup solutions. Veeam also backs up important data in cloud-based Microsoft Office 365.

Provides both rapid backups and rapid recoveries

File tracking means that only changed data needs to be copied. Restores can span entire shares or be focused on individual files and folders. Application-aware backups ensure critical workloads such as Oracle, SQL Server, SAP, Exchange, and Active Directory make it possible to get these services back in working order rapidly.

Offers easy management

Veeam offers centralized management of backups, with a single console to control jobs and licenses. Automation makes important tasks, such as copying backups to offsite locations, simple and reliable.

Keeps backed-up data safe

Veeam can monitor data for changes that can indicate an attack, scan backups to detect malware, and protect backups through immutability.

Effective data protection starts with effective backups. Contact VAST IT Services if your legacy backup solution needs to be upgraded to handle today’s challenges.