Whether or not your business is formally doing big data projects, you’ve got more data stored in more places. For many, it’s a struggle to cope with the challenges of managing a steady increase in the volume of data that needs to be backed up. A modern backup solution like Cohesity offers simplicity of management and scales to protect these new quantities of data.

That’s because Cohesity’s features include:

Mass data management

It’s easier to corral data when a single tool provides the features you need. Cohesity eliminates the need for separate tools for orchestration, vulnerability scanning, virtual machine migration and replication. Because data can be used on the backup device, Cohesity means fewer data copies are created, reducing the data volume.

Simple converged data management

Conventional backup solutions require distinct master servers, media servers, and gateways, all of which need to be managed manually. With Cohesity, a single interface can span multiple clusters, and it can be accessed via both an API and a GUI.

Instant data restores

The big problem with backups isn’t creating the backup; it’s recovering from the backup. Cohesity supports instantaneous restoration of mass data.

Malware protection

Reliable backups are the one crucial solution to recovering from ransomware and other threats. Cohesity backups are protected against ransomware through hidden catalogs and write-protection, which means they can’t be deleted. Through scanning, Cohesity can identify vulnerable virtual machines; instant mass data restores mean they’re recoverable if compromised.

Search capability

Because of the volumes of data collected, businesses struggle to meet the demands of GDPR and other data protection regulations, as well as e-discovery requests.

Continuous data protection

Despite the volume and velocity of data, there’s minimal risk of data loss with Cohesity’s continuous data protection. Even the strictest recovery point objectives can be satisfied, enabling business units to resume operations almost as if an outage never occurred.

Modern database backup

Big data and non-structured data doesn’t fit well in SQL databases. Cohesity provides data-aware backup and recovery that meets the needs of NoSQL and Hadoop architectures.

Backup storage requirements reduced

Backing up big data can require big storage. Cohesity minimizes the requirements through advanced deduplication and compression.

Cloud integration

Whether backing up to the cloud or recovering in the cloud, Cohesity provides fully integrated solutions, enabling automation and simplicity.

As companies continue to collect more data and rely more heavily on that data to drive business decisions and business operations, backup and recovery can no longer be handled the same way they’ve always been handled. Businesses require modern backup tools like Cohesity, designed to meet the new challenges this data dependence creates. VAST IT Services partners with Cohesity to develop backup and recovery strategies that protect data no matter what format it’s stored in or where it’s stored. Contact us to learn more about how Cohesity can modernize your backup strategy.