Backups are a critical component of a comprehensive data protection strategy. Regularly backing up business-critical data is necessary to protect it from internal and external threats and data loss scenarios. Backups can be instrumental in allowing a company to quickly recover from a ransomware attack or restore data that was accidentally deleted by a misguided employee.

VAST IT Services understands the importance of backups to your organization. We partner with multiple software vendors offering various types of cloud backup solutions. Our technical experts can assist your company with the installation of a cloud backup platform. We can also manage and monitor the solution for you to ensure that your data is always effectively protected and available for recovery when necessary.

In this post, we are going to look at three cloud backup platforms and provide details that will help you select the right alternative for your business.

Why Employ a Cloud Backup Strategy?

Many companies are modifying their backup and recovery strategies. While onsite backups were at one time the only game in town, cloud backups have provided an option that has multiple benefits that make them attractive to organizations of all sizes. The following are some of the major benefits of adopting a cloud backup strategy that make it more effective at protecting enterprise data resources.

  • Increased resiliency – Storing backups offsite in the cloud provides enhanced resiliency in a disaster. The backup media will not be destroyed in the event of a flood or fire. Recovery from the cloud can be done at any location, enabling a company to recover business-critical systems and maintain operations even if its data center has been destroyed.
  • Cost-efficiency – Cloud backups eliminate the need for a company to support the internal infrastructure required to effectively back up data regularly. There is no need to purchase expensive hardware and backup media as this is handled by the cloud provider. The provider’s technical team also manages the backup solution, further reducing internal IT costs.
  • Automation – Cloud backup solutions are typically automated and require little to no day-to-day management. After implementing a cloud backup solution, an organization can feel confident that its data is getting backed up and is always available when needed.
  • Scalability – A cloud backup solution can easily scale up to address growth in the IT environment without requiring capital investment. Resources can also be scaled down to save money when business requirements change.
  • Improved security – Reliable cloud providers employ strong encryption to protect enterprise data stored in the cloud. This bolsters data security and renders the data unusable if it falls into the wrong hands. Additional security is provided by storing the backups in a different location than the original data to protect it from malware or intrusions by threat actors.

Veritas Alta

Veritas is a well-known name in backup and data protection solutions. Its NetBackup platform has been the choice of many organizations for traditional backup and recovery functionality in onsite data centers. Veritas is addressing the popularity of cloud-based backups with new offerings for current and future customers.

Veritas Alta offers a comprehensive set of data protection tools designed to meet the needs of today’s data-centric businesses. Three components of Veritas Alta are directly related to protecting enterprise data.

Veritas Alta Data Protection

This offering brings the functionality of Veritas’ traditional NetBackup solution to the cloud. The platform facilitates data migration and disaster recovery in the cloud. It protects Big Data resources with point-in-time recovery. Immutable backups minimize business risks and protect all data resources in the environment.

Veritas Alta Recovery Vault

The Recovery Vault integrates with NetBackup to provide scalable cloud storage that facilitates meeting security and compliance goals. Its subscription model lowers the cost of data protection while the product’s automated resiliency keeps valuable information safe from ransomware and threat actors.

Veritas Alta SaaS Protection

The SaaS offering from Veritas is designed to protect enterprise data stored in SaaS platforms such as Microsoft 365, Slack, and Google Workspace. The tool also supports the backup and recovery of Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) data stored in AWS S3 and Microsoft Azure, as well as protecting unstructured on-premises data.


Cohesity Data Protect is a high-performance backup and recovery solution that protects enterprise data wherever it is located. Policy-based management ensures your data is protected from physical, virtual, and cloud environments. The Cohesity Data Cloud offers immutable backups, intelligent threat detection, streamlined data access, and insight into data resources with analytics.

The features available from the Cohesity Data Cloud include:

  • Variable recovery levels including instant mass restore, granular file recovery, volume recovery, and instant VM restores;
  • Long-term archival capabilities for regulatory compliance;
  • Automation with an API-centric architecture;
  • Strong security with AES-256 encryption for data at rest and in transit.

Druva Cloud Backup as a Service (CBaaS)

VAST employs Druva’s backup technology as the foundation of its CBaaS offering. This solution provides a backup platform that can handle the needs of the most complex computing environment. Our CBaaS offering provides companies with multiple advantages including:

  • A fully managed backup solution that aligns with business objectives and a company’s data protection policy;
  • Eliminating the costs of constructing and maintaining an onsite backup and recovery infrastructure;
  • Cutting-edge data protection technology;
  • Fixed pricing for more efficient IT budgeting;
  • Immutable backups that protect data from threats and meet the demands of regulatory compliance.

The CBaaS solution effectively protects SaaS data such as that stored in Microsoft 365 and helps address the gaps in public cloud backups. The tool is compatible with virtual environments, physical servers, and hybrid cloud infrastructures. It also protects enterprise endpoints which are becoming more important with the rise of edge computing and a mobile workforce. It’s a comprehensive backup solution that protects all of your organization’s valuable enterprise data.

Let VAST Help You Find the Right Backup Solution

VAST’s team of experienced experts has extensive knowledge of the functionality of these cloud backup solutions. Companies can leverage this experience by working with VAST to devise a cloud backup strategy that addresses all of their business requirements and objectives. While our CBaaS offering is often the best choice for organizations looking to move to cloud-based backups, we will work with you to find the solution that best fits your business requirements.

Talk to the experts at VAST today and start protecting your valuable enterprise data with a resilient, cloud-based backup and recovery solution.