These two expressions mean almost the same thing: “in the nick of time” and “just in time.” But you don’t want to solve your data center problems in the nick of time. That implies it was only good luck that led to a good result. Solving them just in time? That’s much better. It means there was a plan, a process, and a strategy that deliberately resolved the problem before it led to a crisis.

For data center problems, hyperconverged infrastructure and cloud computing are the technologies that allow just in time management of data center needs without the stress of nick of time solutions.

Choices for Just in Time Planning

Today’s rapidly changing business needs mean there’s no avoiding the need for “in time” problem resolutions. Building excess capacity that sits idle for years in advance is too costly and forces companies to respond to new opportunities with yesterday’s technology. Plus, despite the over-purchasing, running out of capacity and scrambling to expand is hardly uncommon. The purchased equipment also ages and becomes obsolete, leading to big replacement projects that distract from projects with business value.

Fortunately, today’s businesses can choose between two new technologies that don’t require upfront investments in excess capacity and provide the ability to adapt rapidly to new circumstances.

Cloud is of course one of those technology choices. With cloud, there’s no in-house equipment to be purchased and maintained. The cloud provider owns and supports all of the infrastructure, while providing the ability to rapidly add or remove capacity. Cloud customers pay only for the capacity they use. Taken together, these cloud features mean cloud provides a cost effective solution offering just in time technology.

Hyperconverged infrastructure is another option for a just in time technology solution. Hyperconverged infrastructure does stay on premises, but it is easily expandable with standardized storage and computing units. As in cloud, any additional capacity needed can be added when it’s needed, instead of purchased in advance.

Choosing Between Cloud and Hyperconverged Infrastructure

Many companies hesitate to use cloud because of the loss of control and perceived reduction in information security. Hyperconverged infrastructure enables companies to get the benefits of just in time technology resources without giving up control.

Cloud allows companies to take advantage of many more features than just simplified infrastructure management. Major cloud providers support platforms that provide frameworks that enable more rapid application and delivery. While this requires developer training that isn’t needed with hyperconverged infrastructure, it allows businesses to discover newer, better ways of building software.

Which just in time technology solution is right for you? dcVAST offers professional services that help you evaluate your needs to determine the best strategy for your business, plus managed Amazon Web Services and managed Nutanix to help you get the most out of cloud and hyperconverged infrastructure once you’ve made your choice. Contact us to learn more about how to achieve just in time infrastructure and how your business can benefit from this new flexibility.