Online systems and data are intricately woven through today’s businesses. Sales can’t be closed, products can’t be designed, and decisions can’t be made without access to data and applications. That’s why minimizing downtime and achieving rapid recovery from outages are critical to maintaining competitiveness.

Backups Aren’t Enough

When every application is critical, restoring operations with last night’s backup isn’t enough. Not only does it take too long to locate the files, bring servers online, and ensure data is consistent, there’s also a manual process needed to recreate today’s status. Lost data isn’t okay from either a business or compliance perspective. Systems need high availability to keep them online.

High Availability Solutions

Cloud is one potential solution to high availability, when it fits the application—not all applications fit well with cloud, whether due to the application’s architecture or the sensitivity of its data. Even when your data center is in the cloud, your business retains ownership for protecting your data. Disaster Recovery as a Service provides a cloud-based solution to help get your operations back online rapidly.

Making recovery from backups more efficient than traditional approaches is also an important part of the solution. You shouldn’t need to restore an entire virtual machine (VM) to recover an application; a fined-grained recovery procedure is the fastest and least disruptive approach to restoring service. Ideally, your backup strategy offers flexible recovery options that include:

  • rapid full VM recovery and VM disk restores
  • selected file recovery
  • application object restoration for key applications such as Active Directory and Exchange
  • database recovery to point of time or specific transaction status
  • backups on site or to the cloud for Disaster Recovery as a Service
  • support for failover and failback with minimal disruption

To be effective, the backup solution needs to be comprehensive and application-aware. Because the goal is to keep production applications running at peak performance, generating the backup should create little load on the running VMs.

The Veeam Solution

The Veeam Availability Platform provides a high-performance backup and recovery solution that offers extensive support and streamlines the recovery process. With near-instantaneous recovery of VMs, Veeam enables IT teams to meet recovery objectives and satisfy service level agreements with their business. Veeam allows you to store your backups in the cloud, plus supports full or partial failover when you need to use those image backups to recover operations. Providing support for Office 365 and other cloud-based workloads, on premises virtual machines, and physical servers, the Veeam Availability Platform offers a comprehensive, high-performing backup and recovery platform that supports all the environments where your applications run.

dcVAST’s partnership with Veeam adds the Veeam Availability Platform to our suite of infrastructure and data management solutions. Our experienced team will install, configure, and manage the Veeam backup and recovery solution to ensure that your business is fully protected and prepared to recover from outages with minimal impact on business operations. Contact us to learn how Veeam Availability Platform can help protect your business from downtime and keep you competitive.