The explosion of unstructured data shows no sign of slowing. Analysts predict that the growth of data is 40 percent to 60 percent, but for unstructured data in the enterprise, the growth rate can be up to 80 percent. Even management of existing data without the growth factor provides many challenges in itself.

Information risk can be exposed through five key areas:

  • Financial Risk — storage costs become exorbitant
  • Legal/Compliance Risk — ability to meet deadlines compromised due to too much data and not knowing where to discover it
  • Security Risk — lack of oversight opens door to unwanted access and malicious activity
  • Productivity Risk — finding information becomes a time sink at all levels: end-users to legal
  • Reputational Risk — negative press can dramatically impact perception

A Data Solution

Data Insight is a solution for unstructured data governance. It monitors file system activity and helps answer questions such as who is using the data, who owns the data and who has access to the data. Data Insight gives you full visibility into data access, which helps drive security remediation and compliance efforts. With the addition of the Self-Service Portal, custodians have the control they need to self-audit folders and files.

Data Insight helps organizations improve unstructured data governance to reduce costs, reduce risk, and achieve compliance through actionable intelligence into data ownership, usage, and access controls. The reporting, analytics, and visualization capabilities in Data Insight give organizations an understanding of what data exists and how it is being used.

When deployed by dcVAST as part of a more holistic Information Governance approach, this model can help organizations get optimum value from available information

Holistic Information Governance

To fully realize the advantages of this proven solution, dcVAST recommends that organizations adopt a more comprehensive view of Information Governance. dcVAST offers a proven solution for data management by leveraging the industry leading Veritas platforms Data Insight, Enterprise Vault and eDiscovery.

Data Insight runs the framework that helps you to take remedial action on your data and enables you to send archiving requests to Enterprise Vault. By adding Enterprise Vault data archiving and eDiscovery solutions, the litigation process is transformed. This automated approach enables a streamlined, controlled workflow that yields faster data reviews, analysis, and resolution.

Our Best Practice methods address all key elements of enterprise Information Governance, including the classification of files and messages, data security, eDiscovery, compliance, historical ingestion, retention management, and the unique demands of social media.

The specialists at dcVAST can assist in the design and implementation of a holistic Information Governance solution, from architectural and process considerations to migrations and upgrades. We partner with leading law firms to more fully support the Information Governance needs of legal teams.

Cloud Data

The use of cloud storage is becoming a necessity for various reasons. Data Insight is the leading tool to examine an organization’s data in-depth in preparation for cloud migration. Data Insight will help organizations find out exactly what the data is and if it’s worth migrating or retaining for that matter.

Data Insight is also the leading tool for developing a Defensible Deletion plan. Without a Defensible Data Deletion plan in place, organizations could be at risk, whether it’s due to retention issues and overexposure; or non-compliant expiration policies. Once an organization knows what their data is, they can take action on things such as retention schedules and Defensible Deletion policies.

Data Insight also extends unstructured data analytics to support governance across Box cloud storage.

Archived Data:
Any data that Data Insight has targeted for archival via Enterprise Vault can be migrated to the cloud using Amazon Web Services provided by dcVAST. This provides a more cost-effective solution for older data in your environment

dcVAST Data Insight Offering:

dcVAST can assess your environment and implement a Data InsightI Management Server; and set up the appropriate amount of Indexers and Collectors in your environment depending on the number of servers/filers being targeted as well as the amount of data present.

This will get you on your way to better understanding what your data is to help you put a plan in place for the future.

Implementation and Managed Services
Once your environment has been configured using our in-depth assessment and best practice methods, Managed Services can be provided to organizations without DI Admins; or organizations looking for more hands-on daily management with 24/7 monitoring, assistance with targeting servers/filers and a better understanding of analytics.

DI Data as a Service
dcVAST can offer Data Insight services using our existing infrastructure to target your servers/filers over the WAN to help reduce on-premise infrastructure and management.

Service with limited infrastructure
dcVAST’s DI Data as a Service can be improved by configuring and deploying Collectors within the LAN housing the servers/filers being targeted, which is recommended once remote data for a particular target exceeds 2TB. We provide management and monitoring of the Collectors alongside our existing infrastructure.

Talk to the Specialists
In addition to eDiscovery and Information Governance, dcVAST offers data center consolidation, hardware and software support, private cloud computing, and other IT infrastructure services.

We improve your operational efficiency, so you can focus on your core business goals.

Also see solutions briefs for Enterprise Vault and eDiscovery.

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