If you look at the Microsoft 365 service agreement section, you will find that Microsoft recommends users to be prompt, consistent and regular with their content and data backups. This data pertains to the one you store within the Microsoft services. It can also involve the data that you store using third-party apps or services.

Despite the fact the Microsoft offers users incredible solutions, it is worth noting that they are not liable for any losses that you may suffer as a result. You have to be responsible for any outages or occasional disruptions that happen to their service. In simple words, they suggest that users seek third party apps and services in the instance of a problem.

Cloud Backup

Cloud backup solutions for Microsoft 365 provide users a flexible and simple method of data protection and management. By using cloud services, you can not only protect, but also encrypt your data so that it has an intuitive web-based interface that can quickly be recoverable. You will also be able to bring your data down and use it again whenever you want in its original format.

Cloud backup solutions can provide protection for all types of Microsoft 365 applications and activities. These involve exchange email activities, and exchange data. This set of data will include your contacts, calendar and mail. Some cloud backup services will also offer unlimited retention.

Cloud capabilities are also great for OneDrive business data, and you can save the content for multiple revisions and edits. SharePoint protection of document libraries is also a feature that is common in most third party integrations.

Overall, the digital landscape in today’s world is hugely infested with malware and cyber security risks that have already reeked havoc on businesses. In addition, simple user error can often lead to accidental data deletions.

Microsoft 365 Data Loss Situations

One way you can lose valuable 365 data is through accidental deletions. This means that someone can accidently delete the data without you noticing. Any documents, conversations, videos, and content can be subject to accidental deletion. Alternatively, they could also be subject to malicious deletion. This is especially true when you have an agitated worker within an organization that is looking to cause harm to the company.

There have been situations where employees have deleted data on the day that they had given notice. If you have a good backup solution in place, then you will not have to worry about it.

Backup Your Microsoft 365 Data

When you buy Microsoft 365, it will not include backups of all the data you input into it. At most, they will backup their services. This way, if their equipment fails, the user will still be able to continue.

Microsoft 365 will give you some abilities to recover data for a period of time if you accidently delete it. However, this does not include recovering changes such as encryptions. There are many ways your Microsoft 365 data can get lost if you do not have a good recovery strategy in place.

VAST Services

VAST offers definitive and impactful solutions for Microsoft 365 backup and recovery for businesses of all sizes and scale. Their services range and score across all situations of data vulnerabilities, and by doing so, you can integrate additional tools for a full-scale and maximized Microsoft 365 data protection.