The great popularity of Microsoft products and the company’s Azure public cloud offerings result in many organizations making extensive use of Microsoft solutions. To better serve those companies, VAST has developed products that specifically address some of the pain points small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) may experience when taking advantage of the Azure cloud.

VAST has formed multiple strategic partnerships to facilitate their ability to offer customers reliable and effective solutions to issues affecting their IT environments. These partnerships have been carefully evaluated and entered into because of the value they provide and the benefits they offer to a wide range of customers. The goal is to form strong partnerships that help customers develop and deploy a more secure and resilient IT infrastructure.

This post will take a look at VAST’s Azure Marketplace products and discuss why taking advantage of them makes sense for businesses looking to optimize their Azure IT environments and effectively protect their valuable data assets.

What is the Microsoft Azure Marketplace?

The Microsoft Azure Marketplace is an online store that offers applications and services for use on Azure. It is designed to make it easy for Azure customers to find solutions that address their business objectives and requirements.

Microsoft carefully certifies all products offered in the marketplace according to specific criteria and policies. Marketplace customers can be confident that the products available effectively perform as advertised and are compatible with Azure environments. Vendors offering consulting services, such as VAST, need to demonstrate competency in the areas covered by their products.

Why Are VAST Products Offered in the Azure Marketplace?

The Azure Marketplace focuses on offering products specifically designed for Azure users. VAST’s strategic partnership with Microsoft has resulted in the development of expertise directly related to aspects of effectively leveraging a Microsoft Azure infrastructure. The offerings address issues that are important to companies looking to get started with Azure or optimize an existing environment.

The products offered by VAST concentrate on cloud discovery and assessment, data migration, and data protection for Azure environments. Let’s take a closer look at these five free and paid offerings from VAST and the Azure Marketplace.

Five VAST Products Available From the Azure Marketplace

VAST currently offers the following five products and services through the Microsoft Azure Marketplace.

Veritas NetBackup Migration One-Hour Briefing

This is a free offering from VAST that helps customers understand the assessment and migration processes necessary to implement Veritas NetBackup workloads on Azure virtual machines and Azure cloud storage technologies. The briefing discusses what to expect from the assessment and migration processes, the software tools required to implement the solution, and the cost to the customer.

Companies migrating their NetBackup solution to the Azure cloud can expect to achieve these benefits by working with VAST:

  • The implementation of a fully managed solution to meet the demands of digital transformation;
  • Reduced cost and migration time to ensure enterprise data is always accessible.

This comprehensive migration assessment addresses the evolving requirements of effectively protecting data resources from threat actors or accidental data loss. VAST’s expertise enables them to offer concise recommendations on how to reconfigure your NetBackup environment to leverage the benefits of the Azure cloud.

Veritas NetBackup Rollout One-Hour Briefing

Here is another free consultation offering from VAST that concentrates on protecting data in an Azure environment with a Veritas Enterprise Data Protection solution. The briefing provides customers with an overview of the benefits of working with VAST to implement a Veritas NetBackup environment that ensures their valuable enterprise data is securely protected and available for recovery when needed.

The briefing goes into detail regarding these specific Veritas NetBackup services offered by VAST’s technical team:

  • Planning sessions that help customers develop an effective cloud data protection solution incorporating NetBackup’s features;
  • Deploying the data protection solution which includes setup, developing backup policies, configuration, and management of the environment;
  • Reducing on-premises tape storage by leveraging Azure Archive Storage for long-term retention;
  • Data deduplication to reduce storage costs.

Veritas NetBackup Two-Week Implementation Upgrade Services

This offering is designed for companies that decide to pursue an Azure cloud-based Veritas NetBackup data protection solution. VAST works closely with the customer and manages all phases of planning and delivering the solution. They streamline implementation and enhance the customer’s ability to protect and recover enterprise data.

The benefits of working with VAST to implement a NetBackup upgrade include:

  • Reducing the effort required to effectively perform the upgrade;
  • Shortening maintenance windows and relieving any upgrade concerns;
  • Improving NetBackup knowledge throughout the customer’s organization with hands-on demonstrations.

The result is a reliable and efficient data protection solution based on upgraded Veritas NetBackup technology.

Information Governance Data Migration to Azure One-Hour Briefing

Customers considering migrating workload to Azure and Microsoft 365 will benefit from this free briefing by the experts at VAST. Companies moving to Azure often have data stored in external archives that need to be migrated to the new cloud environment.

This migration process can be complicated and prone to human error. VAST’s engineers offer guidance that simplifies the process and ensures all data is safely migrated to its new home in the Azure cloud. The briefing discusses VAST’s available migration services which include:

  • Conducting pre-migration assessments;
  • Installing and configuring the selected data migration tool;
  • Performing the migration and ensuring its success.

Cloud Discovery and Assessment – Two-Week Engagement

VAST offers customers cloud discovery and assessment services designed to help customers establish a solid foundation for a new or expanded Azure cloud environment. Leveraging their extensive experience with the Azure cloud, VAST’s team can help a company decide what should be migrated and the best way to accomplish the task.

Key benefits of this engagement include:

  • Obtaining deep visibility into data and system inventory;
  • Performing qualitative and quantitative analysis;
  • Providing detailed reports;
  • Workload and application analytics.

This comprehensive cloud discovery and assessment offering assures customers that their cloud migration is performed securely and addresses business requirements.


VAST’s offerings in the Azure Marketplace just scratch the surface of the company’s technical expertise. Customers can take advantage of VAST’s wealth of knowledge and experience to address any of their IT needs. Engage VAST through the Azure Marketplace or contact them directly to discuss how they can help your company optimize its IT environment and meet its business objectives.