CRN, a media brand of The Channel Company, is a trusted source for information technology (IT) related news and analysis. The company recently published a list of what it considers to be the 100 coolest cloud computing companies of 2023. This compilation covers leading companies in innovation and global expansion across all major aspects of cloud computing including infrastructure, storage, and security.

When searching for business solutions, an enterprise can make productive use of the information collected in CRN’s research. Let’s take a look at some of the companies that made the list in various categories.

Some of the Coolest Cloud Computing Companies

The list is broken into the following five categories, each of which contains 20 companies. We’ll mention a few in each category.

Cloud Infrastructure

  • Amazon Web Services (AWS) tops the infrastructure category due to its extensive and continued investment in an expanding global cloud footprint. Recently the company launched new AWS Cloud Regions and data centers in Switzerland, Spain, and the U.S.
  • Dell Technologies is a leading provider of the servers and storage hardware that power the cloud. The company is offering Apex Cloud Services which provides hybrid or private cloud infrastructure with integrated resources.
  • Digital Realty is one of the largest worldwide data center providers with colocation services for cloud infrastructure. The company also provides cloud and hybrid offerings so customers can mix private and cloud-enabled applications to meet connectivity requirements.
  • Red Hat is a leader in open source solutions that are compatible with any cloud environment. The company helps businesses automate, secure, and manage hybrid cloud, multi-cloud, and edge environments.

Cloud Monitoring and Management

  • AppDynamics is a subsidiary of Cisco focused on delivering insight into business transactions. The AppDynamics Cloud offers features designed for optimizing performance and addressing issues in real-time of apps and services running on AWS.
  • Catchpoint offers customers digital resilience and experience monitoring solutions that include the capability to monitor Internet performance. The platform has recently added anomaly detection to the platform to guard against cyberthreats.
  • Devo Technology recently entered into a multi-year strategic collaboration with AWS and expanded its relationship with the cloud provider to include security competency status. Devo recently acquired a security orchestration, automation and response (SOAR) provider and an autonomous threat-hunting tool company to bolster its portfolio of services.
  • Spectro Cloud develops solutions for Kubernetes environments to provide better fleet management and an enhanced developer experience. The company’s Palette Edge platform furnishes hardened Kubernetes distribution using immutable and read-only stacks.

Cloud Software

  • Aparavi is a cloud software company that provides a data intelligence and automation platform designed to handle unstructured data. The solution helps businesses mitigate risk and reduce costs by identifying, classifying, and optimizing unstructured data.
  • Cloudera is a hybrid data company with a platform that supports analytics, data management, and machine learning. Their new service is Cloudera Data Platform One which includes an SaaS data lake for self-service data science and analytic tasks.
  • Drata provides customers with a compliance automation platform for regulatory and security frameworks. It automates evidence collection and compliance operations across enterprise SaaS services for a consolidated view of an organization’s compliance and security posture.
  • ServiceNow is a cloud computing platform that facilitates the automation and management of siloed business processes and workflows. It’s widely used by IT operations teams to track issues, resolve problems, and digitally transform internal procedures.

Cloud Security

  • Aqua Security provides multiple solutions focused on container, serverless, and supply chain security. The Aqua Platform offers cloud-native application protection that prioritizes risks and automates threat prevention, detection, and response.
  • Illumio is a zero-trust segmentation company that provides a product that stops breaches from spreading across hybrid attack surfaces. It’s an agentless solution that furnishes visibility for cloud-native apps and infrastructure.
  • Orca Security provides agentless cloud security for AWS, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure instances. Its newest offering is an agentless API security solution for multi-cloud environments.
  • Trend Micro provides cybersecurity platforms for hybrid cloud environments. It introduced Trend Micro One in the past year to allow customers to easily view attack surfaces and assess risk.

Cloud Storage

  • Arcserve is a data protection company that has been in business for over 30 years. It provides backup software and hardware appliances cloud-focused backup and disaster recovery as a service offerings. The services protect against cyberattacks and provide ransomware protection.
  • AvePoint is focused on providing SaaS solutions for migrating, protecting, and managing data residing in Microsoft 365 environments. It has over nine million cloud users and is used by managed service providers with their SMB customers.
  • Cohesity has shifted its focus from data protection to also include protecting cloud and on-premises from ransomware. The company offers its customers comprehensive security and data management solutions.
  • Nasuni is an innovative developer of cloud-native file systems. Its UniFS product enables companies to unify isolated storage silos spread around the world into a consolidated cloud offering to replace on-premises primary and secondary storage.

VAST Has Your Back

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