Artificial intelligence (AI) has become an extremely hot topic in the past several months. It has been virtually impossible for an IT professional to ignore the subject unless they have spent the last six months in some type of information isolation. Tools such as ChatGPT leverage generative AI and have opened the door to a profusion of solutions that impact IT environments and society as a whole.

Software vendors are looking for ways to leverage the power of AI to develop more efficient and effective solutions. We are going to look at the potential impacts of AI on an organization’s IT environment with a focus on its effects on data protection. Then, we’ll review how Druva is incorporating cutting-edge AI functionality into its advanced data protection solution.

The Effects of AI on the IT World

Artificial intelligence is a wide-ranging field that encompasses many different aspects of replicating human intellectual capabilities in computer programs and software solutions. Generative AI tools have recently captured the majority of the headlines for their ability to generate original content after being trained on large language models (LLMs). Other types of AI are also maturing to the point where they can offer substantial value when used appropriately in an IT environment.

AI can provide the following advantages in an IT environment when implemented effectively.

  • Automating processes – Many IT processes can be automated with the assistance of artificial intelligence. Initially, AI tools could only handle simple and repetitive tasks. As the technology continues to mature, AI can perform more complex activities to support an IT environment. Advanced tools can provide extended detection and response capabilities that autonomously enhance security.
  • Performing advanced analytics – AI applications can quickly and effectively perform advanced analytics on large volumes of data. Machine learning (ML) is used to continuously refine the app’s analytical capabilities and produce more informative results. Insights provided by advanced analytics can give a business a competitive edge over its rivals.
  • Providing first-line customer service – AI chatbots are often deployed to handle basic customer service requests. They can directly answer some queries or direct a customer to the right knowledge base to solve their issue. The chatbot can engage a human customer support expert when it cannot resolve the customer’s problem itself.
  • Writing code – Generative AI applications can be used to write code to assist an organization’s software developers. Employing AI in this capacity can greatly decrease the time required to develop new software products. Developers may engage AI to eliminate tedious aspects of coding so they can concentrate on adding new features to their applications.
  • Suggesting problem solutions – Combining the functionality of natural language processing (NLP), generative AI, and deep analytics can result in applications that suggest viable solutions to issues affecting the IT environment. These tools are similar to consumer AI assistants such as Amazon’s Alexa but can be tailored to offer timely and valuable help to IT professionals.

What is Druva’s AI Backup Assistant?

Druva’s AI Backup Assistant, appropriately named Dru, represents an evolutionary improvement in the company’s cloud data protection solution. The tool leverages the power of multiple AI disciplines to enhance an organization’s ability to protect its valuable data resources.

Dru is a dedicated, generative AI-powered assistant designed to facilitate user interaction with the company’s backup tool. Dru provides business users and IT professionals with intuitive and expert assistance regarding Druva’s cloud-based data protection solution. It’s a secure solution that hosts Dru’s LLMs separately and is configured to only respond through Druva’s API.

Features and Benefits of Druva’s AI Backup Assistant

Organizations implementing Druva’s backup solution and taking advantage of the backup assistant stand to enjoy the following features and benefits. Users can enter prompts in standard English to obtain assistance from Dru in multiple ways.

  • Interactive reporting – Users can get replies to questions such as “What backup failures did we have last night?” by asking Dru in conversational English. This feature enables non-technical personnel to check on their backups without entering complicated queries. Dru can offer suggestions to help resolve issues based on your prompt.
  • Intelligent responses to data management queries – Dru can handle any question concerning Druva’s documentation. The assistant eliminates hours spent searching for information by immediately making the requested information available to the team. Organizations can leverage this feature to make more productive use of the backup platform.
  • Enhanced troubleshooting – Admins can interact with Dru conversationally to identify problems and review logs to ensure all data is being backed up. Dru’s responses to a few prompts can provide the data protection team with all it needs to know about potential issues that have to be addressed.
  • Simplified platform navigation – Navigating the Druva data protection environment is simplified by leaning on Dru’s capabilities. Users don’t need to click through multiple menus to get to a specific area. Dru can respond to a prompt such as “take me to the production backup policy”, saving time and increasing admin productivity.
  • Streamlined operations – Druva is continuing to introduce new capabilities to Dru’s toolbox. Additional features are planned that will streamline admin operations by performing administrative functions in response to plain language prompts. Admins will be able to converse with Dru and ask for the assistant to perform various activities such as starting backups or modifying retention policies.

Combining VAST’s Experience with Druva’s Advanced Capabilities

VAST’s data protection experts are partners with Druva, making them well-acquainted with the company’s data protection offering. VAST offers businesses fully-managed backup solutions built on Druva’s advanced technology. Their Cloud Backup as a Service (CBaaS) solution provides robust data protection for any type of IT environment including:

  • Public cloud environments;
  • Microsoft 365;
  • On-premises and hybrid environments;
  • Enterprise endpoints.

The benefits of engaging VAST’s management skills with Druva’s advanced technology include:

  • Providing a managed backup solution that aligns with your company’s business strategy;
  • Fixed pricing for easier budgeting;
  • Immutable backups for regulatory compliance;
  • Access to cutting-edge technology without capital investment.

Get in touch with VAST and take advantage of Druva’s AI assistant for simpler and more effective data protection.