In addition to the full-featured Enterprise Vault health check we offer (see for more information), dcVAST includes a simplified health check with every upgrade project.  Where other partners try to “upsell” a health check before your upgrade, dcVAST includes valuable health reports from industry standard tools.  With these tools, you’ll get a wealth of information about your environment; suitable for creating a new run book, comparing pre- and post-upgrade configurations, and other valuable uses.  The following list provides an example of the types of information that can be included in the reports:

  • Directory information
    • Site entries
    • Roles based administration
  • Index server group information
  • Archiving targets
    • Exchange archiving
    • File System archiving
    • SharePoint archiving
  • Policy information
  • Information about your archives
  • Retention categories
  • Vault store groups
  • Personal store management (PSTs)
  • File System Archiving reporting information
  • Enterprise Vault best practices
  • Event Log errors

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