In 2019, more than 30% of enterprise IT decision-makers identified public cloud as their top priority, according to the 2019 RightScale State of the Cloud survey. Yet, the perception persists that public cloud adoption among enterprises is still not happening as quickly as many experts have anticipated, particularly for mission-critical applications. In 2020 enterprises are likely to be accelerating the migration of mission-critical workloads to public cloud. There are three critical reasons driving this potential shift:

Business leaders are demanding public cloud

Digital transformation is a top investment priority for enterprises, with more than 80% undergoing initiatives to rationalize and modernize their infrastructure. Not only is public cloud an enabler for digital transformation, it is increasingly seen as “the preferred platform for existing and new enterprise IT applications.” Public cloud enables organizations to accelerate digital transformation with faster access to emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, big data analytics, the Internet of Things, blockchain and cloud-native application development platforms. With the right public cloud platform, organizations can be more cost-efficient, strategic and agile, without sacrificing enterprise requirements for availability, reliability, security, disaster recovery or regulatory compliance

IT decision-makers are prioritizing public cloud

TechTarget Research tracks IT buying trends very closely, monitoring the critical factors that active buyers are evaluating in the pre-purchase process. Throughout 2019 and heading into 2020, the priorities of buyers reflect a heavy emphasis on cloud features and benefits. For 2019, cloud services was the No. 1 priority across all categories for IT decision-makers, with 44% increasing their budget on cloud services. Top priorities were:

Leverage cloud elasticity

Replace in-house computing systems

Enable DevOps deployment

Enable rapid deployment of infrastructure resources:

In 2019 Forrester Research predicted that enterprises would start modernizing core business applications with cloud computing, and, indeed, Forrester says that transformation has “taken off” and remains one of the top trends for 2020.

Cloud providers are focusing critical attention on enterprise IT

Enterprise IT decision-makers are making public cloud a high priority in 2020 because they are more confident in cloud as a platform than ever before. This is largely because they can now rely on providers that have a rich history in serving the unique needs of enterprise businesses in terms of reliability, availability, performance and security.

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