dcVAST, a leader in IT infrastructure management and support services, announces a new partnership with Nutanix. Through this relationship, dcVAST provides managed services to enterprise customers on innovative hybrid cloud solutions for storage, computing and virtualization.

San Jose, CA-based Nutanix is the market leader in hyper-converged infrastructure, delivering computing, virtualization and storage via a cloud-based system. Nutanix is a perfect fit for dcVAST whose customers include a rapidly growing enterprise market for cloud-based services. This, together with dcVAST’s suite of managed services for the enterprise provide the market with a complete cloud offering.

“Thanks to Nutanix, we are poised to become a major player in the hyper-converged cloud market. The timing of this partnership is just right­­—as demand for hyper-converged infrastructure services are growing rapidly,” says David Cintron, Vice President, Managed Services, dcVAST. “We look forward to working with the Nutanix brand to further expand our next-generation solutions.”

dcVAST’s management and support of the Nutanix product line is part of a forward-thinking strategy that recognizes cloud computing as a mainstay in serving enterprise applications. Nutanix’s solid reputation for predictable performance, reliable infrastructure and robust security was a deciding factor to becoming a partner.

“Nutanix’s competitive advantage is in its simplicity. It has a low entry point and almost infinite expandability,” says Roger Dombrowski, Product Engineer, dcVAST. “Although a relative newcomer, we have seen a wide adoption of Nutanix within several large organizations, making it a viable industry incumbent that cannot be ignored.”

dcVAST continuously seeks to help companies make the best technological investments and decisions by remaining at the forefront of enterprise technology­. dcVAST carefully researches technology trends and vets only the best solutions that fit their clients’ needs. The addition of the Nutanix product suite as a managed service demonstrates dcVAST’s commitment to the forefront of information technology.

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