Backups have always been an important protective measure for businesses, and now with the threat of ransomware, backups are even more important. Secure backups guarantee that a business will be able to recover even if ransomware encrypts its production files. Modern backup solutions like Cohesity go beyond simply making a copy of data to offer other features that reduce the threat and impact of ransomware attacks:

1. Immutable backups. Sophisticated ransomware will attempt to discover backups and will attack external file systems. By creating immutable backups, Cohesity ensures that ransomware is unable to damage the files you need to recover from a ransomware attack. The only way to make data writeable is by making a copy; original files can never be touched.

2. Detect data anomalies. Using artificial intelligence and pattern detection, Cohesity detects abnormal usage patterns that can indicate an intrusion or ransomware attack. With early knowledge of the threat, damage can be minimized.

3. Rapid recovery. All downtime is costly, so the faster you can get back up in business, the better. With instant mass recovery, Cohesity allows you to instantaneously get hundreds of virtual machines operational again. Sophisticated search capabilities make it easy to discover the data that needs to be restored.

4. Secure access. For additional security, using Cohesity requires more than just a password. Cohesity supports several forms of multifactor authentication to ensure that only authorized administrators gain access to backup software and backup data.

Implementing a reliable backup solution to help recover from ransomware is one of the most important steps a business can take. But even better than having a backup to recover from is not needing to recover. In other words, it’s best to prevent a ransomware incident entirely. Businesses should continue to take strong security measures, including:

• network firewalls that keep dangerous malware out of your network

• network segmentation to limit access to critical systems

• mail filtering to prevent phishing messages from reaching end users

• training to help end users work safely

• keeping systems up to date with security patches

Finally, it’s important to test the recovery process. Even if it’s made simple and speedy through software like Cohesity, your team shouldn’t be figuring out the steps for the first time during a crisis.

VAST IT Solutions provides turnkey Cohesity services, ensuring a reliable backup and recovery procedure that protects your business from data loss, whether due to ransomware, user error, or numerous other threats. Contact us to learn more about using a modern backup solution that does more than just make copies of your files.