Operating systems provide the foundation for all the other software businesses use, as they provide the environment and tools that allow other workloads to run safely and efficiently. That means monitoring the operating system, applying patches, and dealing with problems is a critical aspect of IT operations. However, those tasks can take up a lot of the IT team’s time. With Oracle Autonomous Linux, that effort’s reduced, due to automation that handles common management tasks and a design that makes other Oracle products run better.

Benefits of Oracle Autonomous Linux

Oracle’s version of Linux goes beyond simply providing a stable platform for applications to providing a platform that simplifies and reduces the management and support efforts. The operating system’s features that reduce the support team’s work include:

Automated Patching

Patch download and installation can complete automatically, and applying patches doesn’t require downtime, minimizing the impact on users as well as support.

Automated Performance Optimization

Oracle Autonomous Linux is designed to be optimized for Oracle. In addition, performance tuning occurs automatically, and tracing tools help the support team solve any problems that the automatic tuning didn’t correct.

High Availability

With support, Oracle Linux includes Oracle Clusterware, which turns independent systems into high-availability clusters. This means less downtime and less effort spent getting systems back up.

Validated Configurations

Provisioning new servers is simpler with Oracle’s validated configurations. These tested configurations include the OS, software, storage, and other components needed to get new machines production-ready fast.

One Platform

Having to support multiple platforms requires training staff on multiple tools, reduces expertise, and limits the support team’s effectiveness. Oracle Linux can be used both in the data center and in the cloud, ensuring consistent environments and consistent support processes.

 Built-in Security

Oracle Linux encryption processes are certified and validated against technical standards. The automated patching reduces delays in applying zero-day fixes and reduces threats against the platform, meaning less downtime and less support. Secure memory encryption protects data in-use, and other advanced tools protect against data corruption. With security built-in, you can spend less time devising and implementing your own security solution.

Simple Management

Along with Oracle Linux comes Oracle Enterprise Manager, providing a single interface for managing all your servers.

With Oracle Autonomous Linux, operations teams can spend less time solving operating system problems and more time implementing business solutions. Contact VAST IT Services to learn more about how choosing Oracle Linux as your operating system can benefit your data center operations teams.