Your data is out of control—out of your control. Between cloud, SaaS, shadow IT, and mobile devices, critical corporate data resides in environments that aren’t managed or protected by your organization.

New compliance requirements such as GDPR make securing sensitive data even more important, and that’s made harder by data that’s so widely distributed. Traditional information security measures such as firewalls focus on keeping intruders out of your network. But when data already resides outside your network, they aren’t able to protect it. That’s why many businesses are adding CASB, a cloud access security broker, to their data protection toolkits.

CASBs Provide The Insight and Control Modern Data Needs

CASBs offer features that help businesses discover where their data resides and then implement policies that control access and use of that data. These features include:

  • Discovery. Because cloud services can be bought with a credit card, they often escape the oversight of purchasing approval processes. Employees can also use free file sharing services, either for legitimate business purposes or to steal data. Discovery processes are able to identify the services employees access and evaluate their security risks. CASBs like Bitglass are then able to limit user access of these services to prevent data loss.
  • Security. CASBs offer multiple security and protection features to prevent inappropriate access to data. Unauthorized devices, users, and applications can be blocked entirely. In addition, CASBs can enforce security policies that ensure sensitive data is protected through mechanisms such as encryption or tokenization, as well as applying data loss prevention features.

CASBs Let You Be Proactive Not Reactive

While there are other ways to approach regaining control of data beyond the corporate network, such as through mobile device management (MDM) software, MDM tools often meet with resistance by employees as they appear to place personal data under the organization’s control. CASB’s can be more accepted by employees as they don’t require any agent on unmanaged devices.

In addition, through using a CASB, organizations are able to take a proactive approach to preventing security or data loss incidents, rather than simply detecting and responding to them. Next-generation CASBs like Bitglass are able to dynamically adapt to changes in the environment and new threats. Recognized by Gartner as a leader in the industry, Bitglass focuses on real-time protection. It offers zero-day malware and unmanaged application protection, protecting data against the threats you don’t even know about yet.

Through our strategic partnership with Bitglass, dcVAST supports organizations in implementing and managing their CASB solution. Contact us to learn why you should choose Bitglass and become proactive about protecting your data.