Commvault, Veritas, Cohesity, Clumio and Rubrik are among the list of data protection vendors who have earned the AWS Outposts Ready designation. This means their products have been tested and validated by Amazon to work on AWS Outposts. Customers looking to protect their data on AWS Outposts can turn to Outposts Ready vendors, which guarantees troubleshooting support and clear deployment documentation.

AWS Outposts is a way for customers to bring some AWS services on premises. With Outposts, Amazon ships pre-integrated hardware and software infrastructure to customers’ data centers so they can essentially have an AWS region running locally. Although AWS Outposts resides in enterprises’ data centers, it is completely managed by Amazon. AWS personnel are responsible for performing on-site maintenance and troubleshooting problems. AWS Outposts is the only way some customers can use AWS services for latency-sensitive use cases or for use cases in which certain applications or data must stay on-premises for compliance reasons. In some situations, transferring data to the AWS public cloud is not a viable option.

Amazon last week released a list of 34 partners that have completed validations including storage, networking, and security companies. Amazon has worked with the vendors to validate their backup products since the AWS Outposts launch. With tests being run by Amazon, in Amazon labs using Amazon equipment. Amazon had set up disaster recovery scenarios, tested products on hybrid deployments and across multiple AWS Outposts and AWS Availability Zones.