Software delivery used to be a balance between cost, time, and scope. Cloud has blown up a lot of the old IT paradigms, including the tradeoff among those characteristics. With the tools in Amazon Web Services (AWS), developers can rapidly deliver quality code, and agile, continuous development processes mean the scope of each release doesn’t matter as much.

AWS Support for Development

The primary task of development is to write quality code, and AWS has numerous tools to help developers do just that. Developers can leverage APIs to use tested libraries of code, reducing both bugs and the amount of development effort. AWS CodeGuru brings AI to code review, identifying costly bugs. Use automated nightly builds and AWS CodeBuild to ensure code compiles and execute automated unit tests. AWS X-Ray helps develops debug complex microservice architectures.

If your team builds a serverless application, developers can focus completely on application functionality with no effort required to manage the underlying infrastructure. If you do require servers, the team can quickly spin up a development environment that matches production to ensure the application works, then shut it down (and save money) when development is over.

AWS Support for Testing

Like your development environment, your QA environment can mirror the production configuration in order to catch performance issues related to server size and then be shut down for cost savings when testing is complete. Automation allows testing to run rapidly and makes testing easily repeatable when bug fixes need to be verified. The special testing needs of mobile applications are handled by AWS Device Farm.

AWS Support for Deployment

Create a pipeline to allow build packages to flow automatically through the release cycle. AWS CodeArtifact makes storing and publishing artifacts secure and straightforward. Use containers and infrastructure as code to ensure deployment environments contain all release dependencies; automate deployments with AWS CodeDeploy. Then use Amazon CloudWatch and other monitoring and logging tools to ensure that production issues are identified and corrected as quickly as possible.

Getting started in AWS can seem complex, but once you make the effort, its many tools streamline software development and allow teams to deliver products more rapidly and with higher quality. Contact VAST IT Services to learn how our AWS support can help you leverage AWS and improve the performance of your development, operations, and DevOps teams.