AWS App2Container (A2C) is a command-line tool for modernizing .NET and Java applications into containerized applications. A2C analyzes and builds an inventory of all applications running in virtual machines, on-premises or in the cloud. You simply select the application you want to containerize, and A2C packages the application artifact and identified dependencies into container images, configures the network ports, and generates the ECS task and Kubernetes pod definitions. A2C provisions, through CloudFormation, the cloud infrastructure and CI/CD pipelines required to deploy the containerized .NET or Java application into production. With A2C, you can easily modernize your existing applications and standardize the deployment and operations through containers.

App2Container allows you to containerize your existing applications and standardize on a single set of tooling for monitoring, operations, and software delivery. App2Container analyzes your applications and automatically generates a container image that is configured with the correct dependencies, network configurations, and deployment instructions for ECS or Kubernetes.